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Server reset is the term used to describe automated changes such as the daily reset of daily achievements and weekly reset of WvW matches. Most changes occur daily at 00:00, but a few changes happen at fixed times throughout the week. Some content is time-gated: this means that whenever it is completed it cannot be done again until the next reset, or fewer rewards can be gained from it until then.

Daily reset[править]

Daily reset happens at 00:00. The following things are affected by the daily reset:



Special events

Crafted items[править]

Файл:Daily countdown timer.jpg
For crafting recipes that are limited to one item per day. The remaining time is indicated by a countdown timer at the bottom of the item's production panel from crafting stations.




Weekly reset[править]

  • Monday 07:30Guild mission rewards reset and new random missions given to guilds.
  • Monday 07:30Raid rewards and progress reset. [1]
  • Monday 07:30Black Lion keys may only be obtained from the level 10 personal story once per account per week.
  • Thursday 20:00Map bonus rewards reset.
  • Friday ~02:00 — World versus World reset for NA servers (the exact time varies from week to week). [2]
  • Friday ~18:00World versus World reset for EU servers (the exact time varies from week to week).


  • Diminishing returns can prevent people from receiving reward and ground chests from world bosses.
  • There is an additional minimum-time elapsed for some open world chests & for the daily resource nodes named above. Specifically, at least 5-15 hours must pass between the last time the 'node' was used, even if the daily reset time has occurred before then.


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