Shadow Shot

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Произвести ослепляющий выстрел по противнику, который нельзя блокировать, а затем сделать призрачный шаг к противнику, нанеся удар кинжалом.

Damage.png Урон: 420 (1.31)?
Blinded.png Слепота (5 сек): Следующая исходящая атака приводит к промаху.
Combo.png Комбо-финал: Физический снаряд
Range.png Дальность: 900
Miscellaneous effect.png Нельзя блокировать

— Внутриигровое описание [?]


For the purposes of confusion, this counts as two separate skills.
  • The shadowstep only occurs if the projectile hits the target.
  • Only the projectile portion is unblockable.
  • Estimated coefficient with shadow shot and dagger hitting.
  • The Blind will occur before the shadowstep, therefore marks or traps will miss if you arrive on them after the shadowstep.
  • The projectile does roughly 25% of the total damage. It's possible that this skill was meant to have a 1.32 coefficient, as that would cleanly break into a 0.99 and a 0.33 combination.


  • Through reflection, the old version of the skill was able to "pull" (i.e. teleport) enemies to the original user and interrupt their skills being cast.