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Shadow of the Mad King, our annual Halloween festival, returns with ghoulish capers, spooky fights, and holiday fun! Gather together with the citizens of Lion's Arch to enjoy another year of tricks, treats, and terrible jokes.

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Shadow of the Mad King 2017 is a Halloween-themed release and was the first major update for Guild Wars 2 that went live on October 22, 2012. It has since been updated and re-released in 2015 and 2016 as annual events. In 2017, it started on October 17th, 2017 and ended on November 8th, 2017.

Особенности 2017[править]

Halloween Events[править]

  • Mad King's Labyrinth - Bloody Prince Edrick has taken over parts of the Mad King's Labyrinth and is controlling the undead armies in the Mad King's Realm. The Skeletal Lich, Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn, and the Labyrinthine Horror lie in wait.
    • Labyrinth Race - Take part in a race through the Labyrinth on your mounts. (Occurs roughly every 20 minutes)
  • Mad King's Clock Tower - Tyria's most maddening jumping puzzle thrilled players during last year's Halloween event and returns better than ever.
  • Ascent to Madness - Fight against the Mad King Thorn himself, as he trades in his usual jokes and pranks to face you head on.
  • Mad King Says - Join the Mad King Thorn as he commands you to perform actions, or attempts to trick you.
  • Lunatic Inquisition - Attempt to survive the night as a villager while the Lunatic Courtiers hunt you down.

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Ambient dialogue[править]

For more ambient dialogue, see Drooburt's Ghost#Ambient dialogue, Mad King Thorn#Dialogue, "Mad King Thorn"#Quotes and Master Carver#Ambient dialogue.
Running around between Trader's Forum and Grand Piazza in Lion's Arch
Running around between Grand Piazza and Fort Marriner in Lion's Arch
Walking around Lion's Arch
"Devil"#Ambient dialogue
Trader's Forum in Lion's Arch
For more ambient dialogue, see "Ghost"#Quotes and "Pirate"#Quotes.
Lionguard (human): Did you know the gateway to the Mad Realm goes both ways? The Mad King can enter our realm, and we can enter his.
Lionguard (charr): Sounds like a great opportunity to refine my combat skills. That labyrinth seems pretty challenging.
Lionguard (human): Well, watch yourself. I wouldn't want to get stuck in there with the Mad King for an entire year!
Lionguard (charr): Whoa! You scared me! That's the most hideous Halloween mask I've ever seen!
Lionguard (human): What mask?
Priory Scholar (norn): Did you hear? The Mad King has challenged adventurers to a fight.
Priory Scholar (human): I've heard that all over town! I wonder if Tyria's best could take him in a fair fight.
Priory Scholar (norn): Now that's a battle I'd love to see! I wouldn't expect the Mad King to fight fair, though.
Priory Scholar (human): Magister Tassi's research wasn't a complete waste of time. This candy corn is really effective Bloody Prince repellent.
Priory Scholar (norn): I almost can't blame him–you can practically smell the candy corn in Hoelbrak! The Sea of Sorrows might turn to syrup!
Grand Piazza in Lion's Arch
Villager: I can't believe you prefer Halloween over Wintersday.
Citizen: Wintersday is no fun.
Villager: You don't think getting gifts is fun?
Citizen: I don't think getting ugly sweaters is as much fun as beating you in a costume brawl!
Fort Marriner in Lion's Arch
Priory Explorer: Remember when the Mad King burst through the lion statue?
Priory Arcanist: I do. It seems every time he comes around, our lion statues are destroyed. Maybe he had a mean cat when he was a kid.
Priory Explorer: Do you think he'll try that again?
Priory Arcanist: I hope not. Evon Gnashblade's requested extra Lionguard support since the Mad King reappeared.
Priory Arcanist: See all the candy corn? It's not just decorative this year. Everyone's been talking about how it keeps the Bloody Prince away.
Lionguard: Good! I hope the Bloody Prince never returns. I sleep easier knowing he's locked in his box!
Priory Arcanist: What's with the Thorns and Halloween? They need therapy. (sigh)
Deverol Gardens in Lion's Arch
Citizen: All of these trick-or-treating children are intriguing. Mischief and candy sure seem to entertain them!
Local: It's great, I love seeing these kids so happy. Do you have any fond memories of trick-or-treating?
Citizen: No, this is my first time coming to Lion's Arch for Halloween. It's all new to me!
Local: Ha! Maybe you should dress up and ask people for candy!
Citizen: With the Bloody Prince at bay because of this candy corn, we can all rest easier.
Lionguard: We're lucky he hates it so much. I don't think Lion's Arch wants to deal with any more blood and madness.
Citizen: Maybe by the time this ends, we'll all hate candy corn!
Lionguard: Whatever it takes to protect the city! I'll take misbehaving kids with rotten teeth over bloodthirsty spirits any day.
Citizen: (laughs) Right.



Halloween 2012
Track Title Length Composer Download
1 The Lunatic Court 3:07 Stan LePard SoundCloud
2 The Clocktower 1:40 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud
3 Halloween In Tyria 2:17 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud
4 The Tale Of The Mad King Thorn 1:47 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud

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