Shattered Observatory Fractal

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Shattered Observatory Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

The Shattered Observatory Fractal is a Fractal and occurs at levels 25, 50, 75 and 100. It is set during an attack to the Mistlock Observatory.


  • Defend the Mistlock Observatory!
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Skorvald the Shattered
    • Event bar.jpg
    • Temporal Flux Active x/4


Starting from the entrance, jump carefully down the rocks until you reach the large circular platform. Shortly after, the first boss of the fractal will spawn.

Skorvald the Shattered[править]

Skorvald will perform AoE attacks that cover 25%, 50%, and 75% of the arena, in cone shapes originating from the center. Stay close to him to make it easier to move into a safe area. Occasionally he will spawn Solar Blooms; these explode after a while, so keep them near the edge of the arena by hitting them to knock them back. If an eye icon appears above him, turn your back to him, or the eye will fear you and you will be at risk of running off the edge.

At 66% and 33%, he will turn invulnerable, and you will have to take the ley-energy wind that will spawn at the eastern side of the platform. After being propelled to the nearby island, you will have to defeat a Veteran Flux Anomaly. It knocks back, so be careful not to stand too close to the edge. After killing it, take another ley-energy wind in an anti-clockwise direction to the other islands. Move quickly, as Skorvald will throw firey AoE onto the island once its Anomaly has been defeated. He will also channel an orange circle that will slowly radiate out from the center of his platform. If it reaches the edge before all Anomalies are dead, he will wipe the party.[требуется подтверждение] After defeating all the Anomalies, return to the boss platform.

Galaxy islands[править]

Once you've defeated Skorvald, take the portal that spawns. After a short cutscene, you will be teleported onto a large platform situated inside a galaxy. You will be effected with Cosmic Energy from now on, and have access to
 Nova Launch as a special action skill. There are three locked portals on this platform: north, east, and south. Head north towards Yokko, who will unlock the portal.

Go through; you will find yourself on a series of small island rocks. Jump to each one using the ley-energy winds or Nova Launch, and destroy the various golems you find there. After reaching the largest platform, a blue marble will spawn. The goal here is to "bounce" the marble on a player's head by standing under it as it lands. White circles will spawn ahead of each bounce to let you know where to stand. Once it is destroyed, take another ley-energy wind to the nearby island. Destroy the golems there.


After reaching the final platform, you will come across Viirastra and her many clones. Following a short dialogue, the battle will start. She will usually pick a corner of the field and begin casting a large amount of AoE marks. She will also summon smaller clones of herself. These clones, when killed, will split into 3 smaller clones, and those, into 3 even smaller clones. [требуется подтверждение] These clones will channel lightning between each other and into players. They also attack normally. Every so often, she will move from her corner and unleash a 3 hit attack chain, slamming the ground and creating a shockwave on the 3rd hit. This shockwave applies knockback and Agony.png Agony. It is possible to jump over it or block it. Throughout the fight, one player will be selected for Miscellaneous effect.png Corporeal Reassignment. A red skull will appear above their head. If they do not enter the dark shield bubble in the center of the platform, the effect's ending explosion will deal massive damage to the group and the player. If the player is unable to move into the dome in time, the rest of the party may travel there instead to keep safe.[требуется подтверждение] On reaching 66% health she will split into 4 Clones. (1 per corner). They take insignificant damage from attacks. Breaking the defiance bar on each clone will destroy them, continuing the fight. Upon returning, she will quickly channel a large AoE covering most of the platform and a shockwave. Her defiance bar will lock. She then moves back to a corner and throws a blue marble. Bounce it as before until it reaches Viirastra, where it will unlock her defiance bar once more. Dropping the marble causes damage to the party. If it is dropped, she will immediately summon a new one. It is best to assign one player to juggling the marble. Getting hit by the orb will refresh the player's
 Hypernova Launch skill, enabling them to solo this part of the encounter without worrying too much about the many AoE circles on the ground.

At 33% health, she will split into 5 clones. 1 per corner, and 1 in the center. The central clone will throw orange orbs at various corners and add additional AoE circles, but is otherwise ignored. Continue as you did at 66% health. Clone spawns increase in frequency as the fight continues.

Once she is defeated, enter the spawned portal to return to the three-portal platform. Yokko will unlock the east portal; enter it to reach the final boss.


Use Nova Launch to reach the boss platform, which has an electrified perimeter and a reactor[требуется подтверждение] in each corner. After a lengthy dialogue, Arkk will teleport to the platform and the battle will begin.

Arkk uses a combination of mechanics from the previous fights: Skorvald's Solar Blooms and fearing eye, and Viirastra's skull and black dome. The Solar Blooms must be pushed into the reactors to destroy them. Occasionally, he will retreat and force the party to fight a boss from a previous fractal: first the Legendary Archdiviner, then the Legendary Brazen Gladiator.

Once he is defeated, the fractal is complete. You may return to the three-portal platform and head through the final south portal to find a hungry cat.


  • Collect the five data disks that can be found scattered about the rock islands prior to the fight with Viirastra.
  • Stand in the red AoE that Arkk spawns at the beginning of the fight.


Challenge Mode[править]






Entering the fractal
Dessa: Oh, thank the Alchemy you're alive.
Dessa: Something changed in the teleportation algorithm—you were lost in a sort of...void.
Dessa: My assistant Yokko pinpointed the error, but it still took us days before we were able to bring you back.
Yokko: Glad to have you back!
Dessa: Not again... Yokko, take the controls.
Yokko: Already on it!
Dessa: Where are these creatures coming from? How did they find the observatory?
Fighting Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered: Finally a foe who deserves killing. Make peace with your death, "heroes".
During the fight with Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered: My anger can't be bound any longer.
Skorvald the Shattered: The anger... the rage... it must be unleashed!
After defeating Skorvald the Shattered
Skorvald the Shattered: So close to freedom...
Dessa: Yokko, status report!
Yokko: The rift appears to be stabilizing, but i can't close it. Something on the other side is keeping it open.
Skorvald the Shattered: So close to freedom...
Dessa: Insoluble!
Yokko: See? I knew it!
Dessa: This is what happens when you work in an extremely[требуется подтверждение] that could collapse on itself... at any time!
Dessa: We won't have long until the rift becomes unstable again to go through and stop whatever's keeping it open.
Yokko: Um... You first.
After crossing the rift
Yokko: Whoa... What a trip. Where are we?
Missing section
After defeating Viirastra
Yokko: Watch out, creatures from the beyond, Yokko's here to... Oh, what? You guys already took care of it? (sigh)
Yokko: You found a power source, good! Let me just...
Yokko: There! I think I did that right.
Yokko: I opened the way back! Come on!
Yokko: Nice work. Now, let's see here...
Yokko: It looks like that's enough power to open the main portal.
Yokko: Yes! I did it! Er... We did it! Wha- whoa. We're not going into that, are we?
Yokko: Uh... um... oh fine! You only live once. Right?
After entering final portal
Yokko: This place is incredible! Wow! Just... look at it!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Reactor-initialization-sequence-interrupted. Sorry!
Arkk: What now? Run diagnostics!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Diagnostics-complete. User-ineptitude-exception-1189-
Arkk: Obstinate... ungrateful... Reboot!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Reboot-completed. Hello-again!
Arkk: Well? Status?
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Initialization-sequence-interrupted. Again. Sorry!
Arkk: Impossible.
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Denial-of-actuality-acknowledged. Solution-deemed-ineffective. Sorry!
Arkk: I'm not interested in apologies, I-
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Forwarding-AI-personality-feedback-to-system-architect. Sorry!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: System-architect-currently-logged-in. Alert-AI-personality-feedback-received. AI-overly-placative. Sorry!
Arkk: Delete!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Are-you-sure-you-want-to-delete-AI?
Arkk: (growl) Troubleshoot!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Have-you-attempted-detachment-and-reattachment-to-power-source?
Arkk: Sometimes I forget you're an AI. With a mute function. Now quiet. Let me work.
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: System-architect's-social-protocol-deficiency-logged.
Entering the fight
Yokko: All right, let's do this!
Yokko: We need to get his attention somehow...
Yokko: The raw energies contained in those solar blooms... I wonder if... Try knocking them into those reactors!
Arkk: You! How are you here? Unimaginable. Unacceptable!
Yokko: Whoa buddy. It's okay. We're just here to, you know, stop you. You're literally tearing apart the fabric of the Mists!
Arkk: Enough! your interference must cease! Go. Away.
Arkk: See? This is the price of your incessant desire to pry into things beyond your understanding. Satisfied?
During fight with Arkk
Some lines will be repeated throughout the fight
Arkk: Inconsequential! I'll deal with you myself
Arkk: Recognize this? I found it on that dreadful pirate you mercilessly slaughtered over and over again!
Arkk: Stabilizing mechanisms reversed. This weapon's full potential is about to become a reality!
Arkk: I've harnessed the chaos of interminable space-time!
Arkk: Reckless dunderheads! You want more? Take it!
Arkk: Obstinate goons! You leave me no alternative.
Arkk: Get. Out.
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: DDR-Stability: 80-percent.
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: DDR-Stability: 60-percent.
Arkk: Now you're in my domain. I set the parameters. I control the variables. Try to keep up
After defeating Arkk
Arkk: You've destroyed my defenses, but I've triggered the final sequence. There's no stopping it!
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Attention. Diffraction-imminent.
Dessa: Wha...? Who...?
Arkk: This isn't the place for explanations. Quickly... You look so young...
Dessa: This device... are you the nuisance responsible for destabilizing the fractals? The variables it's created are a headache!
Dessa: DDR?
Arkk: Diaphanous Diffraction Randomizer, obviously. Now...
Dessa: Out of the way. Let me see those readings.
Arkk: I guess you were always stubborn.
Dessa: Quiet! I'm trying to analyze these readings. They're extraordinary!
Arkk: Well, yes, I spent years...
Dessa: Who...? By the Alchemy, this is incredible work! These readings... you've ripped a hole...
Arkk: Back to our home.
Dessa: Home? Years? Arkk?
Arkk: Of course.
Dessa: I... You... It's...
Arkk: (sight) I should've anticipated this. Hello, Mother.
Dessa: Arkk, I... You've done amazing work here, Son. This should transport us back to the Tyrian reality!
Arkk: Unquestionably.
Dessa: But at what cost? This could destroy the Fractals of the Mists, and wipe everything inside the fractals from existence!
Arkk: What existence? Mother, this is not reality. We are the only legitimate life-forms here!
Dessa: Are you certain? What about all the Tyrians helping the observatory stabilize the fractals? What about my friends here?
Arkk: These... tourists are using your prison purely for entertainment purposes!
Dessa: They're performing important research that I've dedicated-
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: Geochrono-transparency-maximum-reached. Congratulations!
Dessa: Um... It should've worked by now. The readings are perfect. We can argue all we want, but it's not happening.
Arkk: It must. My calculations are undeniable!
Dessa: There's a variable you didn't account for.
Arkk: Impossible. I've accounted for every conceivable...
Dessa: Arkk.
Arkk: ... planar existence in that continuum...
Dessa: Arkk.
Arkk: ... near infinite... diffraction... unless... unless...
Dessa: You've figured it out, haven't you. Go ahead. State the only possible conclusion.
Arkk: ... Unless the targeted entities... are... inanimate.
Dessa: Yes. We're stuck in this time loop, too. We can't leave because we aren't real.
Arkk: Neither of us... is alive. We only exist in the Mists... Echoes of ourselves.
Dessa: Otherwise your device would have worked. As you said, your calculations are correct...
Arkk: Yes. Yes. Small consolation... I failed you Mother.
Dessa: It's not your fault, Arkk. All of this is because of me! We have to stop it! We can't destroy the fractals for nothing!
Arkk: You're right. We have to reset the loop. It's the only way. But that will mean-
Dessa: I know. It's a price I'm willing to pay. I'm proud of you, Son. Your theory proved true.
Arkk: I... I'm pleased to see you again, Mother.
Dessa: And as long as we exist here, there's a chance we'll see each other again.
Dessa: But only if the fractals themselves survive. Let's end this. Together. Mother and Son.
Arkk: Together. If we stay, the fractals endure... and so do we, after a fashion. I'm ready, Mother. Let's begin... again.
After Arkk and Dessa disappear
Diaphanous Diffraction Ramdomizer: System-architect-not-detected. Logging-out. System-shutdown-sequence-initiated. Good-bye!


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