Shire of Beetletun

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Shire of Beetletun

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Krytan Drakehound

The Shire of Beetletun is a town in Kryta that is rarely attacked by the centaurs, though its farms are. Minister Caudecus expanded the town since becoming a minister, and has a mansion at its northern end. He has hired a large number of guards and mercenaries to protect Beetletun from the centaurs.

Locations and objectives[править]

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Beetletun Waypoint —
Hero Challenges
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Carnie Jeb
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Усадьба Кодеуса (level 40)


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Ambient creature


Environmental weapons

Crafting resources[править]

Resource nodes[править]

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Aspen Sapling

Ambient dialogue[править]

Steward Mikael: I’m so happy Lord Caudecus hired me.
Chef Gregory: I would be too if I were you. Actually, I’d be shocked.
Steward Mikael: What are you saying?
Chef Gregory: Just that he’s very generous to give you a job.
Steward Mikael: You know I outrank you.
Chef Gregory: Technically, sure. But the head chef would be lost without me.
Spencer: Hey, let’s play Minister and Queen.
Norma: I’ll be Caudecus the Wise!
Spencer: You mean Lord of Beetletun!
Norma: No, it’s Lord Beetlestone!
Spencer: It’s called Minister and Queen. He’s Minister Caudecus.
Norma: Minister Caudecus let me pet his dog.
Spencer: He doesn’t have a dog. Idiot.
Norma: Oh yeah? I saw him beating up a centaur with his bare hands! He had three dogs with him!
Spencer: Oh, yeah? My parents know Minister Caudecus.
Norma: I’ve been to his mansion.
Victoria: I went to his mansion, AND I ate his food.
Steward Mikael: Beer, ale, wine, food, dancer… Hmm, what else do I need to order?
Chef Gregory: More food, I imagine. You never get enough.
Steward Mikael: Fine. More crackers, then.
Villager: I should speak to the minister. I’m sure he’ll listen to me.
Villager (2): Even if that’s true, I doubt there’s anything more that can be done.
Villager: There’s nothing the good minister can’t do if he puts his mind to it.
Villager (2): Oh, Minister Caudecus and his gorgeous eyes. Those eyes! They permeate my soul.
Villager: Just imagine if we could capture that feeling in a bottle.
Villager (2): We should follow him around and see if there’s a way to do it.
Villager: With magic, anything is possible.
Foreman Saaln: They don’t bother me during the day, but at night those wooden dragons put me on edge.
Thomas Ploit: I swear they move at night.
Dugh: Amaybel. The name rolls of the tongue and fills the cheeks with joy.
Owen: Yeah, I’ve always liked that name.
Dugh: Not too much though, right?
Owen: Seems like a nice name.
Dugh: Okay. Good.
Owen: You should join the Seraph and go fight centaurs. Girls love a guy in uniform.
Dugh: And centaurs love to shoot guys in uniform. No thanks. I’ll find another way.
Owen: Coward!
Dugh: It’s hard to follow someone who’s always checking a mirror.
Owen: Follow?
Dugh: Never mind.
Dugh: I’ve lived in Beetletun my whole life.
Boubeth: How exciting for you.
Dugh: I could see myself marrying a pig farmer’s daughter.
Gloria: You don’t say.
Dugh: I heard about bandits in the west. As long as they don’t come here, I’m happy.
Hermann: Grow some…courage.
Amaybel: If centaurs ever come here, they’ll be paralyzed by my beauty.
Dugh: I’ll kill them before they get the chance!
Amaybel: I can spend hours looking in the mirror.
Chloe: Really? I can’t. Mirrors make me look fat.

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