Sigil of Corruption

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Sigil of Corruption focus on Condition Damage.png Урон от состояний it is one of the Stat bonuses sigils which stacks up to 25.


Sigil of Corruption Редкость Уровень Бонус
20x20px Minor Sigil of Corruption Z Gain a charge of +5 condition damage each time you kill a foe, five if you kill an enemy player. (Max 25 stacks; ends on down.)
(Only one attribute-stacking sigil can be active at a time.)


  • Killing an opponent in Structured PvP gives 5 stacks.
  • All stacks will be lost if you are downed or if you enter a new area.
  • Applying this Sigil to both one-handed weapons will cause the condition damage to stack twice as fast, but still to only 25 stacks and at half the condition damage per stack (bug?).
  • The Corruption effect only increases when a kill is made with a weapon that has this sigil, but the buff remains active on weapon swap.
  • This gives less than the listed condition damage at lower levels. The minor sigil, for instance, gives 1 condition damage per stack at level 9, and 2 condition damage per stack at level 11.