Skirmish reward track

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The Skirmish reward track rewards the player for participating in classic World vs World and can be monitored in the World vs. World panel.

Earning pips[править]

  • Pips are earned with each tick while having at least Tier 3 participation. Although the interface states as long as you have Tier 3 participation any participation Tier greater than or equal to 3 will count for earning pips.
  • Since each two-hour-long skirmish ends with a tick (24th tick of the skirmish, one tick every 5 minutes) and an overview of the current finished skirmish shows the achieved pips, it might appear that winning a skirmish awards pips. This is not the case.
  • The earned pips are based on the following criteria:
Criteria Pips
War Score
50px 50px 50px
+3 Your world has the least amount of War Score in the current Skirmish.
+4 Your world has the second most War Score in the current Skirmish.
+5 Your world has the most War Score in the current Skirmish.
WvW Rank 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px 50px
+1 Bronze WvW Rank (150-619)
+2 Silver WvW Rank (620-1394)
+3 Gold WvW Rank (1395-2544)
+4 Platinum WvW Rank (2545-4094)
+5 Mithril WvW Rank (4095-6444)
+6 Diamond WvW Rank (6445-9999)
+7 Max WvW Rank (10000)
+1 Commanding a squad with at least 5 people.
Commitment 50px
+1 Completed wood division the previous week.
Outnumbered 50px
+5 Playing on an Outnumbered map.


Reward Tiers Required Pips Rewards
Tiers Per Tier In Total Each Minor Tier Final Tier
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4 25 100
Bronze 4 30 120
Silver 5 35 175
Gold 5 40 200
Platinum 5 45 225
Mithril 6 50 300
Diamond 6 55 330
For first completion only, subsequent completions earns the Diamond (repeatable) rewards, rewarding no Skill.png WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket.
6 55 330


  • The Skirmish Reward Track is only available in Eternal Battleground and the three Borderlands. Playing in Edge of the Mists will not reward any pips.
  • Every week a maximum of 365 19px WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets can be obtained, requiring 1450 pips in total. The Skirmish Reward Track resets on the weekly WvW reset.
  • After transferring to a different world, you will be unable to earn any pips until WvW has reset twice. This means a maximum wait of 14 days and a minimum wait of 8 days until you are able to earn pips again.