Snowden Drifts

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Snowden Drifts

Explorable zone
«Explorable zone» не входит в список (Continent, Region, Zone, City, Lobby, Activity, Guild hall, Area, Point of Interest, Dungeon, ...) допустимых значений для свойства «Has location type».
Connects to
Gendarran Fields
Lornar's Pass
Wayfarer Foothills
Name unknown

Snowden Drifts, a frozen stretch of high peaks and deep lakes, is the main artery between Kryta and Ascalon. Sons of Svanir, centaurs, and dredge all stalk the Drifts, and travelers are advised to stay on the main road or within the protective walls of a haven.

— In-game description

Snowden Drifts is the area north of Hoelbrak and west of Wayfarer Foothills, connecting to Gendarran Fields. To the south of Lornar's Gate, Snowden Drifts connects to Lornar's Pass.

Map completion[править]

To get 100% map completion on this map, you must complete: