Spirit Vale

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Spirit Vale

Forsaken Thicket
Spirit Vale is the first raid wing of the Forsaken Thicket raid. While searching for a squad of missing Pact scouts in an area north of the jungle, players will confront the Vale Guardian, Gorseval the Multifarious, and Sabetha the Saboteur in three separate encounters.

Getting there[править]

The portal for entering the raid "Forsaken Thicket / Spirit Vale" is located in the far northeast corner of Verdant Brink. The in-game map shows an icon for the portal, which can be reached by heading east from Jaka Itzel Waypoint or north from Shipwreck Peak Waypoint. Players must be in a raid squad of up to 10 players prior to entering the portal.


Squad Leader Falgeir

Rescue Mission

URGENT: Requesting ground support in northern Maguuma. Platoon suffered heavy casualties. All available personnel should report to the Pact representative at the designated location north of Batrach Falls for briefing.


Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Mysterious Pylons
Point of interest.png
River of Spirits
Point of interest.png
Abandoned Outpost
Point of interest.png
Bandit's Rest
Point of interest.png
Gorseval's Perch
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The Skillet

Interactive map[править]

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  • Defeat the Vale Guardian.
    • Vale Guardian
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Guardians killed: 0/3
    • Time remaining: 8:00
  • Venture deeper into the woods.
  • Run from the spirits
    • Destroy the spectral barriers
    • Close the spectral rift
  • Find a way to open the gate.
  • Explore what lies beyond the cemetery.
  • Destroy Gorseval.
    • Gorseval the Multifarious
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 8:00
  • Cull the bandits to lure out the bandit leader.
  • Defeat Sabetha the Saboteur.
    • Platform
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event swords (tango icon).png
    • Sabetha the Saboteur
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 9:00


Lesser Guardians[править]

Prior to fighting the Vale Guardian, players will first encounter 3 lesser guardian minibosses. The order of the colored guardians varies with each run.

Every guardian has a passive, non-removable effect which pulses percent-based damage every few seconds in a 1500 radius. The defiance bar of each guardian appears when their health is depleted and must be broken with control effects to defeat each guardian. When fighting against the Lesser Guardians, light blue balls roam the battlefield which do a relatively small amount of damage.

It is recommended to fight only one at a time, but it is possible to win against multiple guardians with sufficient coordination.

Red Guardian[править]
The Red Guardian has extremely high toughness, rendering damage other than condition damage ineffective to the point of dealing single-digit damage.

The Red Guardian also summons red orbs called Seekers, which quickly pulse high damage. Players risk getting downed or killed while staying in their area of effect. Seekers have extremely high health and despawn after a time, so they are essentially unkillable. It is suggested that players make use of knockback or pull skills to reposition them, as well as soft control effects such as chill or cripple to reduce their speed.

Green Guardian[править]

The Green Guardian periodically summons blue area of effect fields in close range. After a few seconds, the fields disappear, and any players standing inside them will suffer damage and be teleported to a random location in the battlefield. This is dangerous as it can cause players to accidentally initiate combat with other guardians. As a result, players should avoid blue portals as they appear.

Blue Guardian[править]

The Blue Guardian periodically gains a buff that makes him immune to damage. To remove this effect, the invulnerability buff must be stripped.

The most notable skill of the Blue Guardian is a powerful lightning strike that covers the entire map. Prior to this attack, a green circle will appear nearby on the ground. Visually, a bright green circle shrinks from the edges of a darker green circle. Each player standing in the circle at the time the bright green circle disappears reduces damage taken by the entire party, up to a maximum of 3 players.

Vale Guardian[править]

After defeating the Lesser Guardians and moving forward, players will reach a circular battlefield with the Vale Guardian standing in the center. The battlefield is divided into three sections of equal size, wherein each third of the battlefield has a uniquely colored pillar along the outside edge and a uniquely designed rune tile in the center.

The Vale Guardian combines the mechanics of the three Lesser Guardians: the Red Guardian's Seeker balls, the Green Guardian's blue portal attack, and the Blue Guardian's unavoidable lightning strike (Vale Guardian requires 4 players instead of 3 standing in circles for maximum damage reduction). There is an enrage timer of 8 minutes, after which the Vale Guardian gains a buff that significantly increases his damage. Once the battle begins, an impassable barrier surrounds the battlefield, making it impossible to leave or to rejoin mid-fight. Fully downed party members cannot revive or be revived until the battle ends in victory or defeat. The Vale Guardian prioritizes the player with the highest toughness attribute of squad members still alive.

This fight has a total of five phases which are triggered successively by dealing damage to the Vale Guardian. At the 66% and 33% points of his life, the Vale Guardian becomes invulnerable, walks towards the center of the battlefield, and disappears until players defeat the 3 newly summoned colored guardians. Upon doing so, the Vale Guardian re-emerges from the center of the battlefield and can be damaged again.

Squads should be aware of dedicating members to tasks such as standing in the green circle to prevent lightning strike damage, stripping boons from the Blue Guardian, dealing condition damage, and provided the requisite amount of healing. Squad subgroups can be used to assist with organization. Before the battle, squads should also identify the character with the highest toughness attribute, and assign them the task of drawing the Vale Guardian's aggro.

First Phase

The squad tank should stay next to a pillar where a speed boost mushroom is. The tank's purpose is to stay alive and as still as possible, moving only to avoid the blue portal attack to avoid being teleported away. The reason for this is because the strongest skill rotations for many classes require a certain positioning of the enemy (e.g., backstabs, AoE attacks). This also helps to coordinate healing, as healers know to keep the tank alive, and anyone else who may need healing knows to run to where the tank is to receive restoration. The tank should not be expected to run to green circles; on the contrary, the tank should be trying to reposition the Vale Guardian away from the green circle if it appears nearby, as it eliminates the risk of blue portals overlapping the green circle and teleporting players before the circle completes its cycle.

Everyone else needs to be attacking the Vale Guardian while keeping watch of where Seeker balls and the green circles are. If a green circle appears, players should immediately run to it, taking advantage of the speed boost mushroom and any forms of swiftness they may have available. Green circles appear only in the section of the battlefield occupied by the Vale Guardian. However, they will not move with the Vale Guardian if it moves to another section after they spawn. The Vale Guardian should be positioned in such a way as to avoid ambiguity as to where green circles will spawn. Failure to do so may result in accidental green circle spawns impossibly distant from the squad.

Seeker balls tend to overlap the green circle, which can prove fatal. Remember to use control effects on Seekers to avoid damage while trying to stop the lightning strike. Note that Seekers spawn in the center of each third of the arena and give the Vale Guardian significant damage reduction if their AoE field overlaps him. They should be kept away from both the Vale Guardian as well as the green circles to maximize chances for success.

It is common to assign ranged damage dealers to standing in green circles because players must also focus on dealing damage to the Vale Guardian due to the enrage timer.

Second Phase

When the Vale Guardian has its health reduced to approximately 66%, it will become invulnerable, stop attacking, and return to the center of the battlefield while the three pillars shoot electric bolts at it until it disappears. It then splits into the three colored guardians that spawn at the pylons of their color. The battle mechanics of the colored guardians are the same as before, but players will be attuned to the color of the pillar to which they are closest once the Vale Guardian disappears, taking periodic damage when standing in a battlefield section of another color.

One tactic is for the tank (and possibly one healer) to distract the Green Guardian. The condition damage team should be on the Red Guardian, and the boon removal characters and everyone else should be on the Blue Guardian. The Red and Blue Guardian teams must defeat their bosses as quickly as possible and then join the Green Guardian team to save the tank. Note that this will not allow the squad to get the sync-kill achievement.

Another tactic, which can allow the sync-kill, would be to split the team as 3-3-4, with similar distribution (condition damage team on red, boon removal team on blue, direct damage team on green).

Third Phase

Once all 3 Lesser Guardians are defeated, the Vale Guardian reappears with his previous life total and with an additional attack. The Vale Guardian will occasionally channel a skill that rapidly creates damaging fields all over the battlefield. This skill can be interrupted by depleting the defiance bar that appears once it becomes active. As the fields are very difficult to avoid, it is suggested that squads deplete the defiance bar using control effects.

As an additional mechanic, sections of the battlefield will begin glowing and dealing constant damage to players standing in them. The section that lights up rotates clockwise every 20 seconds in this phase. It is suggested that the tank kites the Vale Guardian around the battlefield in such a way that the squad avoids the damaging sections of the battlefield.

Fourth Phase

The fourth phase starts when the Vale Guardian reaches 33% of his life total and is exactly the same as the second phase.

Fifth Phase

Once all 3 Lesser Guardians are defeated, the Vale Guardian reappears with his previous life total. In general, this final phase is very similar to the third phase. The most notable difference is that an additional third of the battlefield will light up and deal damage, with damaging sections continuing to rotate clockwise with a shorter delay of 15 seconds.

During this phase, extra Seekers will spawn in the center of the arena, for a total of 4 Seekers active at all times. Additionally, the blue portal attack will now create fields directly underneath all players in the squad, so players assigned to stand in green circles must be cautious as well.

Upon defeating the Vale Guardian, all players that have not yet received rewards (subject to the weekly reset) may do so regardless of downed state.

Spirit Woods and Cemetery[править]

After defeating the Vale Guardian, players get access to the Spirit Woods and need to complete tasks to open gates to progress.

To open the first gate, players must first kill all the ghost in the area to trigger the event.
After all the ghosts are defeated, a event will trigger, new ghosts will spawn and players have to stay inside of the Spectral Rifts for a period of time to close them and prevent them from deal massive damage to all players. The rifts spawn randomly in fixed locations. Two at east (near the river of souls), one at north (near the gate), another at south (near the stairs) and another at west. More players inside a Rift, the faster it will disappear. Sometimes a AEO attack will spawn and knockback players out of the rifts. It's recommended to spit the group into 2, with one group taking 3 rifts and another taking 2 rifts.

After the first gate, player get access to Abandoned Outpost. Here it's only required to kill all the ghosts to open the second gate.

The next part, needs to be done the fastest way possible. After landing from the ledge of the second gate, a massive wave of ghosts will start chasing the players. Players must close the Spectral Rifts while destroying the Spectral Barriers. The first and second parts have a rift, the third part have 2 rifts and the forth part have 3 rifts. In the Bandit's Rest, 6 players need to stand on top of 6 ground pads to open the final gate.

Gorseval the Multifarious[править]

Phase One

Gorseval won't attack until the first person lands so get as far to the center of the platform as you can. One of his first two attacks will be a knockdown slam attack which should be dodged. The tell for this attack is Gorseval raising his left arm high into the air. Shortly after that he will gain a breakbar. When he gains the breakbar he will start a slam attack and will fill parts of the arena in black goop in a set pattern. For the first 2 pulses the center is safe. You want to break his bar ASAP as he has heavy damage reflect during it. For each pulse that he isn't broken, the black goop will explode dealing massive damage and 25 vulnerability to those standing in it. At the end ,the entire platform is covered. He will then summon spirits. It is ideal to pull him to a wall and cleave the spirits down. Each spirit 'consumed' after he does the World Eater attack gives Gorseval a 10% damage modifier (stacks additively). As he channels his World Eater an indicator circle will fill the arena from the centre. A second or so after it reaches the edge of the area, he will release the World Eater attack, instantly killing all players still on the platform. Just before he releases the attack, glide of the platform and onto one of the the updrafts to avoid the instant death. Then return to the platform. Keep DPSing upon landing. He will teleport to the center, gaining his breakbar. Break it and deal with the spirits he summons and DPS through until the first split phase.

Split Phase

When Gorseval reaches 66% HP he will become invulnerable and move to the centre. Four spirits will spawn, each in a different part of the platform (North-east, South-east, South-west, North-west). These spirits begin walking towards Gorseval at the centre. If a spirit reaches Gorseval he immediately begins his World Eater attack. The spirits are immune to hard CC such as knockback or daze but are susceptible to soft CC. Immobilise, Chill and Cripple work very well for slowing the spirit's progress towards Gorseval. Once all four spirits have been killed, Gorseval becomes vulnerable once again and the fight moves to the next phase.

Phase Two

Same as Phase 1. Added Mechanic: Orbs of 'Spectral Darkness' will spawn periodically. They create out an AoE that that slowly increases in size. If you touch the AoE you receive a debuff.

Debuff: 10 stacks for a total of: -10% outgoing damage; +10% incoming damage; ticking periodic damage.

To remove the debuff, you must kill an orb (ranged DPS works best for this as they AoE can become very large) and pickup the golden light it drops (each orb drops two when it dies). Each golden light that you pickup will remove 5 stacks of the debuff. Keeping the orbs under control in this phase is very important. Focus on killing the orbs that have spawned in the path you will be taking from the middle to an updraft. Once Gorseval reaches 33% HP there will be another split phase.

Phase Three

In the third phase, the pattern of the black goo during Gorseval's breakbar attack changes, the first two pulses of goo cover the area underneath Gorseval, either tank the damage and break him quickly or avoid the goo and continue dps until the 3rd pulse when the area under Gorseval is free again and CC him. Another mechanic added in the third phase is an "Egg Encasement" attack. After Gorseval uses his slam attack, small AoE circles will spawn at every player's feet. After about a second, anyone standing in a circle will become encased in an egg. Those inside eggs won't be able to move or attack, they can only repeatedly use the special action key to attempt to break out of the egg. Players that haven't been hit by an egg can break out their team-mates by attacking the egg. The fight continues in this way until Gorseval is defeated.

Sabetha the Saboteur[править]

Phase 1

In addition to the enrage timer encountered in the Vale Guardian and Gorseval the Multifarious fights, the Sabetha encounter also has a bar showing the platform health. If the platform is completely destroyed during the fight, players will fall to their deaths resulting in an event failure.

Sabetha has 3 basic attacks which she will repeat throughout the fight. A Flak attack, a shotgun shot, and a flamewall. Sabetha will alternate between both Flak and shotgun consistently throughout the fight, using one attack, and then the other until another trigger occurs. The flak attack will always target (fault of some current bugs) the furthest player from herself. As such it is important to have one dedicated 'Flak kiter' player who will move around the edges of the arena in order to keep the deadly flak off the rest of the team. The shotgun shot can more or less be ignored so long as group healing is present.

Every ~45 seconds of Sabetha will cast a flamewall attack. This flamewall will rotate 360 degrees around the platform in a slow motion. The flamewall can, as a general rule, not be evaded or blocked; a very lucky evade frame might keep players alive, but this is not to be relied upon. Players can however use invulnerability through the flamewall. The best strategy for this is to side step the flamewall prior to it's casting (side stepping counter-clockwise) and follow the flamewall through it's motion at a safe distance. Although the flamewall may not seem to move fast for players near Sabetha, it is imperative that the Flak kitter be aware of his/her positioning during these events as avoiding the flamewall a distance away from Sabetha is difficult.

Throughout phase 1, and the rest of the encounter, players will get tagged with Time Bombs and Sapper Bombs. The time bomb will always be placed on the player nearest to Sabetha. Once the inner aoe has grown to reach the outer aoe, the bomb will explode dealing devastating damage to the teamates but very little to the tagged player. As such it is important for the player tagged with the Timed bomb to move away from the group and have the aoe trigger with no one around him.

The Sapper bomb is visible by it's green aoe. Players receiving the Sapper Bomb will also see the option to throw the bomb via their Special action key. Sapper bombs thrown on a launch pad will launch any players standing on said launch pad at the moment of impact.

Canons will spawn every 30 seconds, in a fixed pattern. South-West-North-East-South-North-West-East. In order to destroy these canons, a player must be launched up to the canon via the launch pads and damage the canon. Once the canon is destroyed, the player is free to return to Sabetha's platform paying head to a potential poorly timed flamewall. Aside each canon is a Bandit Sniper which will attack any players near the canon. Players are better off ignoring the sniper and focusing on destroying the canon quickly before the
 Target! effect becomes dangerous.

Throughout the encounter an additional set of mobs, bandit arsonists and bandit thug will spawn; it is highly recommended to pull these foes near Sabetha (or the current champion) and kill them quickly. The arsonist's flamethrower attack causes dangerously high damage, while the thug has a frustrating kick attack which will knock players around.

Phase 2 (75% health) Once Sabetha reaches 75% health and finishes her current attack chain, Sabetha will shadowstep off the platform and her first champion, Kernan will take her place. As of this moment in the fight, players will now have to deal with Heavy Bombs which will appear on the platform with a timer. If the timer expires, the bomb will blow up, dealing moderate damage to players, but significant damage to the platform.

The mechanics for Kernan are overall quite simple as there is only one attack players need to worry about. Every few seconds, Kernan will shoot out three consecutive pistol blasts presented with expanding cone aoes. Each consecutive attack deals more damage than the first; as such players are highly advised to avoid at the very least the last two blasts. During this phase there are no Time Bomb or Flak, therefore it is easier for the entire group to get together and apply as much DPS on Kernan as possible. After a minute has elapsed since Sabetha shadowstepped away, she will return to the platform and activate her flamewall attack. Players will want to have Kernan killed before, or soon after Sabetha returns as dealing with these two at the same time will make the encounter increasingly difficult.

Until Sabetha reaches 50% health, the encounter remains identical to before Kernan, with exception of the newly present Heavy Bombs which now spawn.

Phase 3 (50% health) Similarly to the phase 2 transition, Sabetha will depart from the platform at 50% health to be replaced by "Knuckles". This boss has two basic mechanics, one is his auto-attack chain where he swings his hammer at players; deals moderate damage. Every approximately 30 seconds, "Knuckles" will charge up a hammer swing with the hammer over his shoulder. This attack will cause a breakbar to appear. If players fail to break his bar "Knuckles" will knock all players up and push them outwards. If players find themselves getting hit by this attack, they should immediately try to deploy their glider mid-air to avoid the knockback, as players can easily be knocked directly off the platform.

After the initial minute of fighting "Knuckles" has passed, Sabetha will return once again, opening with her flamewall. The rest of this phase remains similar to the previous ones, with exception that there will now be two Sapper Bombs and two Time Bombs at a time, as opposed to the individual.

Phase 4 (25% health) Reaching 25% health, Sabetha will withdraw once more leaving in her place Karde, a flamethrower wielding champion. Karde possess two abilities which are of great concern to the player group. First is Karde's flamethrower attack; players which decide to stand in the flamethrower attack will find their health decrease at a very alarming rate. Additionally Karde will periodically summon flame turrets which shoot out projectiles. If these are not dealt with quickly, they will grow in number and quickly become unmanageable.

Additionally to Karde's mechanics, at the start of phase 4, Sabetha will begin to cast Platform Crush, an ability which casts multiple aoes on the ground. Each individual attack deals low damage to players, however attempting to tank multiple hits will soon take a heavy tole on players.

It is worth noting that Phase 4 is where most groups will start to fall apart due to the sheer amount of events occurring at the same time. At this point, players are experiencing: Canon Fire, Sapper Bombs, Time Bombs, Heavy Bombs, Platform Crush, Karde's Flamethrower attack, Karde's Flame turrets, and overall positioning. In order to be able to both finish off Karde, and eventually Sabetha, it is imperative for players to remained focused during this phase, as a single error can snowball out of control extremely quickly.

Once Karde has been defeated and Sabetha remains on the platform, no new mechanics will present themselves. Players must simply ensure that they defeat Sabetha before the platform get's destroyed, and preferably before her enrage timer goes off in order to avoid Sabetha's 500% damage buff.








  • In the Spirit Woods, in the room after the first gate, on top of one of the pillars. Can only be accessed by using a Bouncing Mushroom at south of the Ley Rift before Gorseval and glide to the pillar.
  • In the Spirit Woods, beneath the ledge of the second gate.
  • At the end of the Spirit Woods, a torch can be run from the start of spirit run to the end and used to light the inactive brazier. Spirit run event must be active for the torch run to count. See Keep the Lights On achievement.
  • After defeating Sabetha, in the bandit complex beside a cooking station.



Upon entering the raid and passing the pact camp:

<Character name>: Let's get to work.


<Character name>: All right. Let's find these soldiers.

Approaching Squad Leader Falgeir:
Squad Leader Falgeir has multiple possible ambient dialogues at this point.

One of these lines:
Squad Leader Falgeir: Bandits attacked our platoon, inflicted heavy casualties on us. They captured one of our squads and went that way.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Our platoon was ambushed. The enemy captured an entire squad and took them deep into the woods.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Those troops will die if we don't get to them in time. Bandits took them deep into the woods.
Squad Leader Falgeir: We never saw them coming. They killed some of our soldiers and took the rest hostage. We need to find them.
Followed by one of these lines:
Squad Leader Falgeir: Find our squad. Sabetha will kill them if you don't reach them in time.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Sabetha took the squad straight ahead. Her sentries are blocking the way. Get ready for a serious fight.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Stay alert out there. Sabetha is ruthless, and her defenses are like nothing I've seen before.
Squad Leader Falgeir: Watch yourself on the battlefield. Sabetha and her crew fight dirty. Her guardians are lethal.

Upon entering the Spirit Woods:

<Character name>: The footprints head this way. We're on their trail.


<Character name>: Soldier tracks. They came through here and left in a hurry.
Mysterious Voice: Who released us?
Enraged Spirit: You. You did this to us!
<Character name>: You're confused. We did nothing to you. Let us through!
Mysterious Voice: Who's there? Answer me!
<Character name>: These spirits weren't soldiers. They were ordinary people.

Traversing the Spirit Woods:

<Character name>: These people died horribly. They're confused. Angry.
<Character name>: Did Sabetha murder these villagers and bind their spirits here?
<Character name>: I have a bad feeling about this.
<Character name>: Shallow graves. These bodies were left here a long time ago. There's almost nothing left of them.

Escaping the wall of spirits:

The vengeful spirits have reached a barrier, unleashing a magic shock wave.
Mysterious Voice: Who released us?
Mysterious Voice: What's going on?
Mysterious Voice: You. You did this to us!
The spirits have been angered. Run!
<Character name>: Run!
Mysterious Voice: (low growl)
Mysterious Voice: (in pain)
Mysterious Voice: Kept us from our homes. Our families. Trapped us here! And now...this!

Upon reaching the cemetery at Bandit's Rest:

<Character name>: Watch your step through here.
<Character name>: The gate has multiple locks, like it takes more than one person to open.
<Character name>: These spirits are old. These people died a long time ago–well before the war.
<Character name>: The squad was taken through here. Come on.

Upon seeing Gorseval:

<Character name>: Gods. What is that?


<Character name>: By the Six... What is that?

When fighting Gorseval:

<Character name>: It's not a single spirit. It's dozens.

Upon defeating Gorseval:

Sabetha the Saboteur: They made it through the woods. Everyone to the front. I want them captured or dead!

Engaging the bandits at the entrance of their tree fort past Gorseval's Perch:

Sabetha the Saboteur: Intruders! Tear them apart!
Sabetha the Saboteur: One hundred gold for each head. Get chopping!
<Character name>: You're going down!
Pact Soldier: We're over here! Help us!

Ascending the bandit tree fort:

Sabetha the Saboteur: Useless! What do I pay you for? I'll deal with them myself.
Pact Soldier: Help!
Pact Soldier: Over here! Hurry!

Upon reaching Sabetha:

<Character name>: It's over. Drop those weapons and free these prisoners!
Sabetha the Saboteur: You came all this way for a few soldiers? You really have no idea what's in this compound, do you?
Sabetha the Saboteur: Only the worthy are taken inside. Like the squad leader.
Pact Soldier: Help!
Sabetha the Saboteur: Your little journey ends here!

After defeating Sabetha:

<Character name>: All right, people. Listen up.
<Character name>: There's more to this situation than we thought. These bandits were protecting something and we need to find out what.
<Character name>: We need to free these prisoners, and then find out where the squad leader was taken.