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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the boon. Для other uses, смотрите Stability (disambiguation).


Тип эффекта
Игр. ссылка

— Внутриигровое описание

Stability is a boon that protects against control effects, including those that would otherwise interrupt, prevent movement and dodging, and disable use of most skills. Unlike a stun breaker, it does not remove effects that are already in place, although many skills granting stability will also remove stuns. Stability stacks in intensity up to 25 times and each incoming control effect removes a stack.

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  • Prior to the October 22 2012 update, Stability had effect monitor icon of Retaliation, while Retaliation had its own icon.
  • Stability has changed from duration to intensity stacking with March 16 2015 update, while many skills have been updated to reflect this change.