Statue of Dwayna (NPC)

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the world boss NPC. Для other uses, смотрите Statue of Dwayna.

The Statue of Dwayna is a masterpiece created by Malchor the Sculptor and kept in the Cathedral of Zephyrs that once showed the true appearance of the goddess Dwayna. However, the sinking of Orr and Zhaitan's corruption have since altered the statue's appearance significantly. During the Cathedral of Zephyrs (meta event), Malchor's ghost is forced to return to the Altar of Tempests and remove his protective magic from it so that the temple can be cleansed by Historian Vermoth. However, overcome with grief and anger, he instead possesses the statue in order to exact his revenge and must be defeated as the final objective of the meta event.


Ruins of Orr


Cathedral of Zephyrs (meta event)

Combat abilities[править]

  • Dwayna's Fury - Short-range cone area of effect attack that deals very high damage and knocks back; only used on enemies in close range.
  • Holy Light - Jumps up into the air and crashes back down, dealing damage and blinding for 4 seconds in a point-blank area of effect while also gaining Divine Radiance for 8 seconds.
  • Malchor's Tears - Shoots a blue flare high into the air and 1-2 seconds later rains down high-damage projectiles in a PBAoE, each dealing AoE damage where they land. This skill can be reflected for massive damage with proper timing.
Stolen skills


Медная монета 60



  • The Statue of Dwayna's self healing may not seem like much at first, but it's capable of significantly prolonging the encounter if not dealt with.
  • Malchor's Tears can be reflected by skills such as Feedback and Wall of Reflection to deal massive amounts of damage and speed up the fight.