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Gather supply to hire soldiers. Battle for control of heroes. Man the trebuchet to defend your stronghold, and storm the enemy gates to defeat the guild lord!

PvP: New Stronghold Game Mode

Stronghold is a structured PvP game mode, set to be featured in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns release. The objective of the game mode is to find and kill the enemy's Lord in their stronghold and, along the way, your team will fight for and gather supplies.[1]

List of stronghold maps[править]



  • Lords — Each team's stronghold has a Lord. Defeating an enemy lord will grant victory to a team.
  • Gates — Strongholds are defended by gates. Each gate is immune to player attacks and require doorbreakers to be destroyed.
  • Guards — Defend the stronghold against enemies. Guards do not respawn once defeated.


  • Supply — The supply depot in the center of the map offers supply to players who interact with it. Players can carry up to 2 supply. Defeating a player carrying supply will cause them to drop it, allowing anyone to pick it up.
  • Attacking Forces — Supply can be used to hire allies to assist in the match
    • Doorbreakers — used to destroy the enemy gates and do not attack other units
    • Archers — attack both units and gates; deal bonus damage to enemy NPCs
  • Trebuchet — Used to deal large amounts of area damage. Can be rebuilt with supply once destroyed.


  • Offensive lane — The team's offensive lane is used to push to the enemy gate. Use the barracks to hire allies to assist in this lane.
  • Defensive lane — The team's defensive lane is used to defend against the enemy's attacking force.


  • Heroes — Powerful allies will appear during matches to help teams.
    • Mist essence takes 30 seconds to become active and allow players to channel heroes. Channeling a hero takes 10 seconds and can be interrupted.
    • Heroes will focus on objectives, ignoring fights in lanes until it has reached the furthest point that the team has progressed to.
    • Ultimate attacks are used when the hero reaches the lord's room, dealing large amounts of damage and knocking targets down.


  • Stronghold is inspired by GvG, and Fort Aspenwood game modes, drawing a little bit of inspiration from MOBAs.