Stronghold of the Faithful

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Stronghold of the Faithful

Forsaken Thicket

Stronghold of the Faithful loading screen.png
Loading screen

Stronghold of the Faithful is the third raid wing of the Forsaken Thicket raid. Players push on to investigate the sinister reason behind the White Mantle enclave.

Getting there[править]


Points of Interest
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Tunnel of Respite
Point of interest.png
Fountain of Cleansing
Point of interest.png
Zealot's Bastion
Point of interest.png
Twisted Castle
Point of interest.png
Temple of Awakening

Interactive map[править]

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  • Escort Glenna to the stronghold's courtyard
    • Glenna Event bar.jpg
    • Turrets secured Event bar.jpg
  • Destroy Xera's creation
  • Destroy the Keep Construct
    • Keep Construct
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Time remaining: 7:00



Glenna must be escorted to to the stronghold's courtyard. Interact with her to start the event. The first obstacle is a lowered bridge. She will get in the white circle and spawn a ley line. A player must use this ley line go the other side and raise the bridge. This part is only done once and the bridge will remain raised. After the bridge, White Mantle will spawn and must be killed. Then the group must split in two groups (turret group and escort group) and coordinate efforts. The turret group must head to the cave and kill the mushroom enemies while inside the Thicket Waters. After exiting the cave, use the bouncing mushroom to get to the turret. Keep the turret disabled by killing the White Mantle that keep spawning. The escort group heads to the stronghold first gate. The entrance has 2 mines that must be raised to be destroyed. To raise the mines, players must be inside the white circle and out of the red circle. After the mines, the group must kill yet more continually spawning White Mantle and escort Glenna to the next white circle. When Glenna reaches the white circle, a new ley line will spawn and the turret group can move to the next turret.

McLeod the Silent[править]

While fighting McLeod, he will periodically split into two phantasms, that can only be killed by attuned players. (Similar to the Vale Guardian split phases.) Throughout the fight, wargs will spawn from the gate, so be ready to take care of them, as well.

Keep Construct[править]

Keep Construct Time bombs in all players. Half circle attack Anti-clockwise cone shaped attack. Jump AOE attack. Fixed players get a purple marker over their head and must keep the 2 phantasms away of each other. Every 25% health, it get's a breakbar. After breaking the breakbar, 3 green circles appear and a Xera's Phantasm will spawn in each of them. Players must be inside the green circles to destroy the Phantasms. Killing Construct Cores adds stacks to Keep Construct After 50% health, it starts doing 2 Anti-clockwise cone shaped attack at the same time.






Books and Journals[править]


Entering Stronghold of the Faithful:

<Character name>: We got your message. We appreciate your willingness to help, but are you sure you're up for the mission?
Scholar Glenna: When Bennett told me about the horrors he endured while in White Mantle captivity, I felt it my duty to assist.
Scholar Glenna: We'll blast these zealots back into the history books.
<Character name>: All right. I don't know what'll happen inside, but I'm glad you're with us just the same.
<Character name>: We'll let you know when we're ready to begin the assault.

Starting the escort:

<Character name>: We're ready.
Scholar Glenna: Has everyone made peace with their gods, spirits, deities...or trees? Good.
Scholar Glenna: I'm carrying a heavy payload and won't be of much use in a fight.
Scholar Glenna: I can cast spells when absolutely needed, but for the most part you'll need to keep me alive.
Scholar Glenna: You think you can do that?
<Character name>: Any volunteers for escort duty?
<Character name>: (cough)
<Character name>: We'll figure it out as we go.
Scholar Glenna: Shout and I'll follow you. But don't mistake my willingness for blind obedience.

While escorting:

Scholar Glenna: Lead the way.
Ordering Glenna (one of the following lines):
<Character name>: Glenna!
<Character name>: Glenna, over here!
<Character name>: I need you here.
<Character name>: (whistle)
<Character name>: Come to me.
<Character name>: On the double!
<Character name>: Follow my lead.
<Character name>: Move!
Glenna's replies (one of the following lines):
Scholar Glenna: I'm not your puppy!
Scholar Glenna: I'll follow you.
Scholar Glenna: Coming!
Scholar Glenna: Fine!
Scholar Glenna: Roger.
Scholar Glenna: Lead the way.
Scholar Glenna: Uh, guys! Don't leave me behind!
Scholar Glenna: Grrr!
Scholar Glenna: On my way.

At the bridge:

White Mantle Cultist: Invaders at the gate! Ready the defenses!
White Mantle Cultist: Notify Xera and await her orders.
<Character name>: Figures we couldn't just walk right in.
<Character name>: We need to find a way to reach that lever.

Upon interacting with the first ley-line source

Scholar Glenna: Protect me. I'm about to try something.
<Squad member>: What are you doing?
Scholar Glenna: Getting us across.
<squad member>: How did you do that?
Scholar Glenna: Practice.

After pulling the draw-bridge lever

Scholar Glenna: Nice work! If I ever need a lever pulled, I'll send you a mail.


Scholar Glenna: Excellent lever-pulling technique. I'm sure the Iron Legion could use someone like you.


Scholar Glenna: My hero! You really showed that lever who's boss.
<Charr squad member>: Ever been fired out of a canon, Glenna? I can arrange it.
<Norn squad member>: Don't quit your Priory job.
<Sylvari squad member>: I'm sorry. Were you talking again?
<Asura squad member>: Yeah, yeah. Just get that door opened, brainiac.
Scholar Glenna: Bomb planted. Cover your ears!
<Human squad member>: We're ready!
<Norn squad member>: Do it!
<Asura squad member>: Ear canals protected!
Xera: I want these intruders destroyed.
Xera: History is being made today, and nothing can get in the way.
Scholar Glenna: Who was that?
<Squad member>: Our next target. Pick up the pace, people! We've got a party to crash.
<Squad member>: Watch your step!
Scholar Glenna: Try to destroy the mine, but don't get too close!
<Squad member>: The path diverges here. We may want to split into groups and flank the enemy.
Scholar Glenna: Make sure someone stays with me. I need protection!
Xera: Send in reinforcements!
Xera: Keep them out at all costs.
Scholar Glenna: She seems particularly motivated to keep us out.
<Squad member>: Something big is happening inside.

Upon clearing a tower

<squad member>: Area clear!
<squad member>: The area is secure. Activate that ley-line!


<squad member>: We've secured the tower!
<squad member>: we need a ley-line!

After defeating McLeod the Silent

Scholar Glenna: This is it. Keep watch while I prepare explosives.
Scholar Glenna: This should be the last barrier in our way.
Scholar Glenna: Everyone clear? Explosion imminent!
Scholar Glenna: That went flawlessly!
<Squad member>: If you say so.

Entering the courtyard

Xera: How dare you set foot on sacred ground.
<Squad member>: Let's head inside.
<Squad member>: Whatever you're doing here, it's not going to work.
Xera: Lazarus will lead the White Mantle to rule a new Kryta, and there's nothing you can do to stop His return.
Xera: You're already dead.
Xera: Enjoy my creation. It'll be the last you see.
Scholar Glenna: That's one powerful mesmer right there.
<Mesmer squad member>: She's nothing special.
<Squad member>: She just slipped up. They may have Lazarus. If so, then the sacrifices at Salvation Pass were meant to heal him.
Scholar Glenna: Good luck without me!
<Squad member>: Strange how a bunch of delusional fanatics can make such interesting art.
Scholar Glenna: Way to stick it to the White Mantle, hero.

Approaching the Saul D'Alesio statue

<Human squad member>: Traitor.
<Norn squad member>: Saul D'Alesio—drunken gambler.
<Charr squad member>: So this is the founder of the White Mantle. Huh.
<Sylvari squad member>: Saul D'Alessio. So you started this mess....

After interacting with the Mursaat Bust

<Character name>: Where do you creatures come from...

Throughout the courtyard

<Asura squad member>: Judging from the construction, it appears they've been keeping themselves occupied.
<Sylvari squad member>: Look at this place. It almost defies explanation.

While fighting Xera

Xera: The Tyria you know is about to change.
Xera: And there's nothing you can do to stop it.
Xera: You're efforts are meaningless. We won't be stopped!
Xera: For hundreds of years we have hidden in plain sight, living in your cities, manipulating your politics.
Xera: Soldiers, farmers, scholars—all swearing allegiance to the cause... all waiting for the moment to strike.
Xera: Our time is now. We rise from the shadows to claim what is ours!
Xera: He is almost complete
Xera: Even if I die, He will live!
Xera: Must not... stop...
Xera: Bow before Lazarus!
Xera: I'll bury you before you can reach Him!

Upon Defeating Xera

Scholar Glenna: What happened? What did I mi—oh my! I see you've made a mess of the place.
Scholar Glenna: You shattered the bloodstone shards and caused a ley-rift reaction. That would explain things.
Scholar Glenna: Congratulations on silencing a high-ranking White Mantle zealot. Not many can say they've done that.
Scholar Glenna: When you're all done high-fiving and backslapping each other, you may want to head down to the stasis chamber.
<Character name>: What's in the statis chamber?
Scholar Glenna: Go see for yourself.
Scholar Glenna: All I can say is that I think we have a problem on our hands.

After interacting with the Stasis Chamber

<Character name>:We caused an unstable reaction when we destroyed the bloostone shards.
<Character name>: Did Lazarus escape? Or was he killed in the process? What happened here?

After interacting with the Spent Shards

<Character name>: These shards are depleted. They're devoid of magic.
<Character name>: Were they using them to revive the last mursaat?

After interacting with the Barel

<Character name>: All these shards must've been taken from a larger source.
<Character name>: But what happens when you fragment a bloodstone?