Summon Druid Spirit

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Summon Druid Spirit.png

Summon Druid Spirit

Недоступно под водой  20.75¾ Время активации  240 Время перезарядки  

Призвать Духа Друида сражаться на вашей стороне.

 Duration.png Длительность: 60 сек

— Внутриигровое описание [?]


The stats listed below is to level 80 exotic medium armor without any extra toughness for level 80 Druid Spirits.

  • Thump - Very slow ranged attack. Affects up to 5 enemies within a radius of 900' around the Druid Spirit. Sends one slow-moving projectile towards each affected target. Each projectile deals ~1800 damage and can result in a critical hit which deal +50% damage. Struck foes are immobilized for 1 second.



  • It is possible that multiple projectiles from the Thump ability hit the same target (only happens if there are at least 2 targets within the Druid's range and a single target stands in the way for the other targets). If the requirements are met, a single foe can be struck by 5 projectiles.
  • The player's stats have no effect on the stats of the Druid, the only exception is that Condition Duration affect the length of the immobilize condition.
  • The Druid is in the Form of an Ancient Oakheart and applies regeneration to nearby allies, roots foes and periodically draws conditions from nearby allies onto itself.
  • The Druid will move and follow you, unlike untraited Ranger summoned spirits.
  • Ranger spirit traits seem to affect this skill.
  • The druid spirit attacks are identical to the projectile from
    Zealot's Embrace.png
     Zealot's Embrace.