Summon Flesh Golem

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Призвать голема из плоти, который атакует противников когтями и делает их хромыми.

 Damage.png Урон: 578
 Damage.png Урон от последнего удара: 963
 Crippled 40px.png Хромота (1 сек): -50% к скорости передвижения.

— Внутриигровое описание [?]

Flesh Golem[править]

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Note that the skills listed below has a chance to become a critical hit and deal ~50% more damage.

  • The flesh golem attacks with a sequence:
    • Slash - Basic melee attack. Deals 600-700 damage to medium armor at level 80.
    • Fist - Special melee attack. Deals ~50% more damage than Slash.


  • Unlike other minions, it produces Life Force upon death.
The summoned Flesh Golem follows the summoner but doesn't attack in some situations.
The summoned Flesh Golem will be destroyed and the skill is placed on full cooldown if a Necromancer is briefly exposed to water (i.e. running through a puddle).


  • A Guild Wars skill bears a name similar to the name of this skill.
  • In Beta Weekend #1 the Flesh Golem was available underwater but did not have swimming animations.