Summon Flesh Wurm

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Призвать неподвижного червя из плоти, чтобы атаковать противников.

 Damage.png Урон: 833
 Range.png Дальность: 1200

— Внутриигровое описание [?]


  • The flesh wurm's basic attack is a single-target projectile with 1200 range, a cast time of roughly 1.5 seconds, and a 100% chance to act as a projectile finisher.
  • If teleporting is inconvenient, you can kill the flesh wurm by changing the appropriate skill slot instead of using Necrotic Traversal. Then, swap back to Summon Flesh Wurm, and it will begin to recharge. This is only possible out of combat and not in organized PvP. Alternatively, cast Spectral Walk prior to sacrificing the Wurm and Recall back to the initial starting location.