Sunny Glade

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Sunny Glade

World 1 Zone 1
Super Adventure Zone
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Super Adventure Box

We start our journey in a SUNNY GLADE, confident that we will find her.

— Loading screen description

Sunny Glade is zone 1 of world 1 of Super Adventure Box. There are 7 Hidden Rooms and 45 baubles to collect. There are 9 feats to be compeleted in Infantile Mode.


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    Super Adventure Box
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Area 1[править]

A cutscene will play, providing the entire plot for the game. You will start in a grassy field. Turn around and you will find cheese, an apple, ham, and a cake sitting on a picnic blanket. You can use these to heal yourself. Turn toward the water and make your way to the tree in the water. Climb up the tree using the branches. You will obtain a bauble.(1) Head towards the waterfall, pick up the Key and use it to open the chest for one bauble.(2) After the chest has been opened, throw a bomb at the waterfall itself to open up a hidden room behind the waterfall. (Hidden Room 1) Within this room, jump up the two pillars of water to a platform to find a green bauble then exit the area. (3) Once you are finished here, go around killing the bunnies in the area, there are six bunnies in total. The last bunny will turn into a Bun-nado, which will chase after you for around 15 seconds before falling apart into 15 or so bunnies. Kill the three snakes in the area.

Head south to where the gate is located, except head west to the cranny in the northwest corner. Set a bomb here to reveal a hidden room. (Hidden Room 2) The room contains a green bauble. (4) Follow the finger and head up the tree to the gate. Progress to the next area.

Area 2[править]

Kill the monkey on the next platform. First kill the enemies in the lower area. There are four snakes and a monkey. Head back to the start and continue across the platforms. Collect the bauble on the platform (5) and kill the monkey on the upper platform. Make your way across the series of trees. Collect the two baubles then kill the two monkeys on the upper platform and then the on the lower platform. (6, 7) Make sure to avoid their coconuts so you don't get knocked off. There's no way up from the lower platform, so you have to head all the way back again. There will be one more monkey and another bauble along the platforms before reaching the plateau. (8) There are two monkeys on the plateau, one drops a cake and one drops a bauble. The five barrels in this area drop sun powerups, which double your damage for 10 seconds. Jump down then head up the large, slanted hill to the center. Jump to the center butte and take out the three monkeys here. Open the chest with the a key and grab the red bauble. (9) If you do not have a key yet, kill the rest of the enemies in the area or buy one. Now jump down to the lower butte, kill the monkey for a cake and grab the green bauble. (10) There is a store below the plateau with the sun powerups. (Hidden Room 3)

Item Cost Description
1-Up 20 Bauble.png Grants one extra life.
Digger 100 Bauble.png Dig anywhere for a 10% chance to find buried treasures.
Key 25 Bauble.png Used for opening chests.
Small Health Refill 5 Bauble.png Restores one heart.

There are a total of 8 baubles in the shop. Smash the two pots next to the door and the two candles on the door. There are six pots on the left, one contains a bauble while the others contain cheese and cake. There is also a table, a chair, and a bookcase.

Once you are done here, exit the store and head toward the next area. Before you leave, set a bomb next to the crumbled wall near the gate. (Hidden Room 4) The room contains a 4x5 array of blue baubles. (30)

Area 3[править]

Kill the monkey and head across the pit. The platforms are spread out, so take measured jumps. Head along the right edge, the monkey can hit you in midair, so make sure to dodge the attack when jumping to the lower trees. Kill the monkey and open the gate. Use the boost from gate to get up on the bush or ledge on the left side and head back across the trees to a crumbled wall. If you miss it, you can use the series of bushes on the right past the gate to get up. Blow up the wall to reveal a hidden room. (Hidden Room 5) The room contains six baubles total. (36)

Area 4[править]

There are five Bee Dogs in this area. Do not kill them immediately, wait for them to open the flowers and retrieve the baubles. Once they have baubles, you can kill them. If you leave them alive, they will lead you through the maze. Follow them through a hole in the wall, hugging the cliff to the right. Head along the right hand side first and get the bauble, (37), there is only a monkey at the dead end, kill it and head back. Follow the left hand side of this area, you will find a bauble in a T-shaped section on right. (38) Continue following this side and get the green bauble on the left. (39) When you turn right and face an aisle, take the first left and follow it to a monkey. Head back and continue down the aisle. Just before the hill, there is a bauble in an alcove on the left. (40) Head up the steep hill and kill the monkey at the top, then kill the two monkeys and the snake in this area.

You will face a Queen Bee Dog. The Queen Bee Dog uses two attacks and has 1000 hitpoints. It will use a spin attack and slowly move towards you. You can easily avoid this by strafing. The second attack is a ranged attack that shoots five bees. This can also be avoided by strafing. You can hit two or three times in between spin attacks, so time it carefully. Players with a whip can stunlock the queen and take it down easily. Upon defeat, it drops a yellow bauble. Destroy the Honeycomb behind the queen for a total of 24 individual baubles.

You can use the stump to get on top of the tree and get out of this area. Instead head back, and jump on the top of the maze and check if you missed any baubles or monkeys. Use the tree blocks to get up and out of the area. You will notice you can get to the boss area by following the outside ledges here and vice versa. Kill the nearby snake if you haven't already. You can make a rather precise jump the lone platform with barrels from the ground. Less savvy players can hop on the ledges on the left to get to the platform. Collect the green bauble here. (41) The five barrels contain star upgrades, making you invincible. This is useful for taking out the two monkeys near the gate below. You can get back to the previous area using the rock to the right of the gate if you wish.

Area 5[править]

In the next area, head up the couple pillars to the larger platform. There are three baubles floating in midair. This jump requires a roll jump as it's impractical to do with a normal jump, make sure you have extra lives when attempting. (42-44) Back on the platform, jump to one of the various ledges on the right and the the sloped hill, taking out the monkey at the top. You will see a series of short and tall trees in a line containing three monkeys. Carefully make your way across and take the first one without getting hit. To reach the other two monkeys, go back up the sloped hill at the edge of the pit and dodge jump across the tall trees. You will have to do this three times to get all three monkeys. A caved in wall can be found south of here in the corner, destroy it to reveal a hidden room. (Hidden Room 6) The room contains a yellow bauble. (45) Circle around the area and kill the nine snakes on the ground in the area, one of them has cheese. You will find three barrels containing sun powerups. There will also be a shop on the north face. (Hidden Room 7)

Item Cost Description
Small Health Refill 5 Bauble.png Restores one heart.
1-Up 20 Bauble.png Grants one extra life.
Whip 150 Bauble.png Stuns foes.
Key 25 Bauble.png Used for opening chests.
Digger 100 Bauble.png Dig anywhere for a 10% chance to find buried treasures.

There are 17 baubles in the shop. Smash the two candles with pots for baubles. Two of the three pots on the left have baubles, one has cheese. Smash the large table, chair, and candle for some baubles. Smash the four pots behind the Shopkeeper for baubels. You then have a bookcase, small table, six pots to smash. One pot holds a cake and one holds a cheese. Head back around to the front with the pointing finger. Kill the monkey on the ledge. Head up around the left side and kill the three monkeys on this level. There are two barrels containing sun powerups, one sits on a lower ledge of the level. Head up the mountain on the right side. The monkey by the gate drops an apple.

Area 6/Boss Battle[править]

You can use the gate to jump up to the Cage. Attack the cage and avoid the laser beams from The Boss. The simple method is to run around in circles while attacking the cage. Jump in the now open chest to obtain 15 baubles. Open the Glorious Chest to obtain two Bauble Bubbles and a 2% chance for a Super Skin.

Alternatively for a lazy and safe approach, do not climb onto the top platform with the cage. Doing so will fully activate the boss and his lasers. Instead stand on the next highest platform, the hedge, and start auto-attacking. (You might have to hug the wall or do a standing jump for your attacks to begin hitting. Running into the wall will also allow you to strike the cage.)

Tribulation Mode[править]


External video guides[править]

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