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This content was only temporarily available during Super Adventure Box (release).
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Super Adventure Box

1 – 80
Rata Sum
Connects to
Creator's Commons

Lord Vanquish has kidnapped the Princess! You must save her!

— In-game description

Super Adventure Box, or SAB, is a special activity originally introduced during the eponymous release as part of April Fools' Day 2013. Originally accessed by talking to Moto in Creator's Commons, it is a "game within a game" with an 8-bit platformer theme, sharing some elements with jumping puzzles, and uses the same enter mechanism as dungeons and thus can be completed alone or with a group of up to five players. The activity is character-based: any items and upgrades obtained on one character do not carry over to other characters. While inside, players are able to earn Bauble Bubbles that can be exchanged with Moto for various items.

All players start off on equal ground: Players will be under a hidden transform effect, effectively making all skills inaccessible except for the ones given inside the box. Current equipment and traits will have no effect on the character. The player cannot change, equip, or remove equipment while in the box. All effects on the character will be removed upon entering the box, including those from boosts. The only elements that persist outside the box are items obtained in the box, such as baubles.

Getting there[править]

The entrance to Super Adventure Box is located directly west of Magustan Court Waypoint in Creator's Commons of Rata Sum and is only accessible during the Super Adventure Festival.


Область Локации
Cart Destroy the Cart!
Dark Woods Destroy that Cage!
Hub Super Adventure Waypoint
Kingdom of Fungus Defeat King Toad!
Pain Cliffs Destroy that Cage!
Rapids Destroy that Cage!
Robbers Defeat the Robbers!
Sparkling Pools Destroy that Cage!
Storm Top Defeat the Storm Wizard!
Sunny Glade Destroy that Cage!


Super Adventure Box Hub

The Hub contains portal houses to four worlds and a gate back to Rata Sum. Players can start a world by entering a door and then selecting a zone. Players can only visit zones they have already completed. This acts as a level select mechanic for the platformer.

Worlds and zones[править]

Super Adventure Box is divided in four worlds, each in turn divided in a total of three zones plus a bonus zone. Each zone is unlocked after completing the previous one, and all of them can be accessed and played individually without needing to complete the entire world in a go. The first and second zones have a Cage as the final boss, while the third zones have an unique and harder boss. The bonus zone requires completion of the third zone to be accessed each time.

Worlds three and four are not yet available.

World Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Final boss Bonus
World 1 Sunny Glade Dark Woods Kingdom of Fungus King Toad Cart
World 2 Rapids Pain Cliffs Storm Top Storm Wizard Robbers
World 3 Sparkling Pools  ?  ?  ?  ?
World 4  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?


Difficulty Mode Mode Entry NPC Notes
Infantile Mode Infantile Mode provides rainbow paths over the more difficult jumping puzzle portions of the zones. Players will not receive Bauble Bubbles for completing the zone, foes are more likely to drop food than baubles, and dig spots will yield no bonus baubles. The Baby's First Super Adventure achievement in the Super Adventure Box achievement category rewards players for completing feats in the mode. There are two feats for each of the four checkpoints in the zone and a feat for completing the zone. Infantile Mode is useful for acquiring many Super Adventure Box achievements due to its ease.
Normal Mode In Normal Mode players have normal access to achievements and none of the features in the other 2 modes, and can earn Bauble Bubbles to buy super weapon skins. Enemies are also likely to drop keys in this mode.
Tribulation Mode Tribulation Mode is a grueling difficulty intended for hardcore gamers, including booby traps, path restrictions, and the likelihood that nearly anything, from flowers to the checkpoints themselves, being able to instantly kill players. It serves as a torture platformer in the same vein as I Wanna Be The Guy and Kaizo Mario. Torture platformers have been cited as a direct inspiration for the mode.[1] Each world in Tribulation Mode has its own color-shifted set of the regular weapon skins: King Toad's weapons and Storm Wizard's Weapons. Players have the option to listen to Shard of Duskk while in Tribulation Mode.


Energy bar

The yellow bar represents the character's endurance, or ability to dodge in order to evade attacks in the SAB (Super Adventure Box) similarly to the rest of the game. Any enemy attack can be evaded if timed correctly, excluding traps like the flytraps (note, however, that ending the dodge roll inside an enemy causes damage and knockback)[требуется подтверждение].


The number of hearts displayed represents the player's health bar. All players start off with three hearts. Normal hits received use up one heart, while weaker hits (from poisonous water, for example) can use up half a heart. The number of hearts, the player's total health, can be increased by gaining Heart Vessels. A Heart Vessel is obtained by defeating the final boss of each world in any mode. Players can only obtain one Heart Vessel per world. If a player loses all their hearts, they lose a life and are moved back to the last known checkpoint with maximum hearts. Players can restore lost hearts by eating food which can drop from enemies or from breaking items in shops. Players can also heal themselves as usual, by using skill #6, which requires recharging by purchasing Health Refills from shopkeepers. The Health Potion healing skill can hold up to 9 charges. It is currently not possible to heal other players.

There is no falling damage, no matter how far down the player falls or jumps, provided they land on a solid surface. Falling into an abyss, however, sends the player back to the last known checkpoint with one heart less.

Файл:Pixel hell.jpg
Players who die without any lives get sent to the Continue Room.

Players start off with two lives at the beginning of each zone. More lives can be purchased from most shopkeepers in the SAB. When a player loses all their lives, they are moved to the Continue Room, surrounded by ticking bombs, rising lava, and spiked walls. However, Moto will be there to offer assistance. If the player has a Continue Coin, they will be asked if they want to use it. This will give them 5 lives (99 lives with an Infinite Continue Coin) and move them back to the last activated checkpoint. Players can also purchase a Continue Coin for 50 Baubles from Moto at that time. If the player has no continue coins and not enough baubles to buy one, or declines to buy one, they will be removed from the dungeon and will have to restart the zone (level) if they wish to finish it. Continue Coins are also available from Moto in Rata Sum, at a cost of ten Baubles for one coin.

Bauble count
См. также: Bauble

Baubles are used as currency, allowing various skills and items to be purchased from the shopkeepers in the various levels of the SAB, as well as from Moto. Initially, players can carry only 250 baubles, but this limit can be increased to 500 with the purchase of a Bauble Purse and further to 750 with a Bauble Tote Bag. Once the limit is reached, or before that, one can exit the SAB and convert their baubles to Bauble Bubbles from Moto at the rate of 250 baubles for 1 bubble. The number shown is that of the baubles that are in the player character's inventory, excluding any which may be in their vault or on other characters.

The colors used by the baubles which can be picked up in the SAB are aligned with the rarity paradigm used for equipment, with different colored baubles granting a different number of blue baubles (the base currency):

Upgrades and skills[править]

Основная статья: List of Super Adventure Box upgrades and skills

Most upgrades and their corresponding skills, if any, are purchased from shopkeepers across each zone, or obtained as rewards. Skills and other purchased enhancements are character-bound (will only be available to that character which bought the skill). Being swallowed by certain enemies removes all skills except for a special skill which should be used to regain freedom.


Power-ups can be found inside of barrels inside Super Adventure Box that grant the player specific buffs for a short time.

  • Clouds give the player a buff similar to Swiftness, increasing their movement speed.
  • Sun power-ups cause players to deal double damage.
  • Moon power-ups grant the player stealth for a brief time.
  • Stars give the player a buff that makes them invulnerable to incoming damage as well as poison water for the duration.


Основная статья: List of Super Adventure Box NPCs


Along with Baubles, various skins have a chance to be earned in game from Glorious Chests, as well as items to create certain skins outside of the Super Adventure Box. There are currently four skin sets, each containing all 16 non-aquatic weapons and a backpack, and each set shares the same models and animations, but is colored in a different hue, their color following the Bauble value color scale.[2] Skins acquired as random drops from Glorious Chests can be traded, while skins from all other sources are account bound. Additionally, players can obtain Fancy Furniture Coins from hidden shops which can be used to create various guild decorations.

Glorious Chests

Glorious Chests are awarded for completing a zone in Normal Mode or Tribulation Mode. Each chest can only be acquired once a day per account for the zone and mode, making a total of 12 of these chests; one per zone in Normal Mode and one per zone in Tribulation Mode. The exception to this is the two bonus zones Cart and Robbers. They reward a single Bauble Bubble instead of a Glorious Chest of which can only be acquired once per day per account, regardless of difficulty. Each Glorious Chest contains:

There is a small chance for it to contain the following:

1 This chance used to be 2%[3], the current chance is unknown.

Additionally, upon completing the different zones in Tribulation mode, players will receive a trophy specific to that world and zone which can be used to craft various skins:

Achievements and Collections[править]





  • Zones are only unlocked per character and are not account bound.
  • If a player leaves during a boss fight, the camera will be locked in the same position, making it impossible to zoom in or zoom out. This can be avoided by waiting to move to the next area or moving outside of the boss arena in some way before leaving. To fix this, players can revisit any boss that zooms out the camera to force it to reset, like the bosses inside the Box itself. Logging out to the desktop and back in will also solve the issue. (In the King Frog area your camera is reset on the far right center corner on the 2 stacked rocks.)
  • Activating a rainbow path from an odd angle can hold you in place and stop you from moving, the only way out is to log out.
  • Falling from a height onto a bouncy surface (e.g. a mushroom) and not jumping can make the player character appear to be lying face down for a few minutes, nothing changes apart from the appearance, you can play normally but will be jumping and attacking while only seeing yourself lying down.
  • Progression in the Baby's First Super Adventure achievement (related to the infantile mode) is erroneously granted in the normal mode at certain locations.


Release Notes
Super Adventure Box
April 1, 2013 - April 30
Super Adventure Box: Back to School
September 3, 2013 - September 30, 2013
  • World 2 made completely available.
  • Tribulation Mode added
  • Completed the Super Weapon skin set
  • Added craftable recolored version of the weapon skins
  • Added some hidden "out of the box" back story.
Super Adventure Festival
March 31, 2016 - April 19, 2016


  • The bottom of the Super Coin says "SAB ADMIT ONE". The coin machine was removed with the release of World 2.
  • Dialogue within the Super Adventure Box is displayed in New Krytan, but is also translated in the chat panel for the player's convenience.
  • The titles of the books in the shops are written in New Krytan. Some of them read:
    • Princess Miya is not Moto (Red books)
    • Why Moto is Great (Blue books)
    • Avoid the Genie! (Green books)
  • The open book on some tables seems to be the Red book, saying:
    • As you can see they are totally different people. This is clearly not Moto in a wig and dress.


The game pays tribute to the 8-bit genre especially to the Mario and Zelda series of games:

SAB feature/activity Reference
Enter the SAB by putting a coin in Moto's mouth Arcade machine have coin slots where players insert coins to play the games. Arcade games often involve instant deaths that require players to insert coins to continue playing, hence the Continue Coin.
Introduction: Lord Vanquish kidnaps the Princess Super Mario franchise where Bowser kidnapping the Princess Peach, notably Super Mario World and Donkey Kong.
Lord Vanquish brandishes two flaming swords, connected by a chain Sword-chucks from 8-bit Theater, a parody of Final Fantasy
Sword coming down Introduction to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The player raising the stick Link obtaining the sword in The Legend of Zelda.
The sword and shield Master Sword and Hylian shield in the The Legend of Zelda franchise.
The stage map The overview of the various worlds in Castlevania with the final destination marked with a bat. The brief narration over a stage selection map is a reference to Golden Axe.
Secret cave discovery sound A similar tune plays in the Legend of Zelda when the player opens a cave with a bomb.
The continue "instance" after losing all lives The continue screen in Final Fight, where the hero is tied to a chair with dynamite in front of him.
The mine cart bonus zone, after completing World 1 The bonus car stage in Street Fighter 2.
The bonus zone after completing World 2 The Potion Thieves in Golden Axe(Skritt Thieves are also a reference to this, by proxy of being a reference to Treasure Goblins in Diablo 3)
Floating blocks effect in the hub The blocks resemble the basic Tetris blocks.
After dying, the screen goes black except for an outline of Lord Vanquish's face and you hear a laugh. When the player dies in Super Mario 64, there's a black screen with Bowser's face and laugh.
Princess Miya and Moto There are many in-jokes and references about Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of many iconic Nintendo games and characters.
Bunnies The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where killing chickens or "cuccos" is a bad idea.
Crossing on crocodiles In Pitfall!, while swinging on vines is the more famous means of crossing over dangerous pools, sometimes you were forced to make use the alligators that lived there as stepping stones.
The Raft Ride The raft ride in Final Fantasy 6, which has enemies jumping up from the water to battle the party.
The Rapids zone Part of this zone is modeled after Frogger. The players are challenged with jumping across logs floating down a river while avoiding crocodiles.
The Pain Cliffs zone This zone contains various references to Ninja Gaiden, including the music.
Red Assassins Goemon from the The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
Glove of Wisdom A reference to The Legend of Zelda's Triforce of Wisdom. The next upgrade (not yet available) begins with a P and is likely the Glove of Power, which would mirror the Triforce of Power which is a counterpart to the Triforce of Wisdom. The glove itself is modeled on the Power Glove, an early controller for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was worn on the hand.
The Raccoon Kingpin The Raccoon Kingpin is a raccoon in a suit. The Raccoon Suit is a power-up in Super Mario Bros. 3 that allows Mario to fly.
Wind Doors A reference to Gradius. The wind traps are actually the mouths of moai (Easter Island head statues).
The pyramid of alternating light panels in Storm Top In Q*bert, completing stages required lighting all panels on the pyramid playing field.
Flute Musical instruments often play an important in the Legend of Zelda franchise, being featured prominently in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. This also includes other early games such as Loom.

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