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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the in-game support panel. Для the character role of supporting other characters, смотрите Support.
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Main Support panel (default)
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Bug Report Support panel

20px The Support panel allows communications with the Guild Wars 2 Support Team to report bugs, exploits, and other issues. This panel can be opened through the game menu.


  • 20px Main: directs players to places to contact support or report issues.
    • Known Issues: Please visit our support forums to see if what you're experiencing is a known issue and is being fixed.
    • Report a Bug: Submit a bug directly to the GW2 Development Team. Please be aware that we cannot provide individual responses but your bug will be reviewed by a team member who may contact you if additional information is required.
    • Contact Customer Support: For billing, payment, or other account-related issues.
  • 20px Bug Report: allows players to submit a report with detailed information and screenshot if necessary. Reports are divided into multiple areas and sub-areas of content.

Bug Report options[править]


  • The chat commands "/bug" or "/support" will open this panel.
  • Account and character information are automatically included with each submission.
  • Reports can also be submitted through support tickets.

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