Admiral Taidha Covington

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Admiral Taidha Covington is the infamous leader of the Covington Pirates and can be seen on Laughing Gull Island in Bloodtide Coast during Kill Admiral Taidha Covington. Killing her is the final step of the area's meta event The Campaign Against Taidha Covington .




Combat Abilities[править]

  • Place turret


  • "Come to kill the Hydra Queen, have you?"
  • "Well, if you come at the Queen, you had better not miss."
  • "After you meet Grenth, be sure to tell him the Hydra Queen sent you!"
  • "You want to kill me? You'll have to find me first!"
  • "You think you can use my gunpowder against me?"
  • "How did you... how could you?"
  • "Grenth, I'm coming to meet you!"


  • Killing her will reward the Kill the Hydra Queen Achievement. Prior to the update of 4/15/14 it was difficult to accomplish due to bugs and particular battle mechanics.