Thaumanova Reactor Fractal

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Thaumanova Reactor Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

The Thaumanova Reactor Fractal is a Fractal of the Mists. During the 1326 AE Captain's Council election, Ellen Kiel made a promise to support research into this fractal, which depicts the Thaumanova Reactor disaster, if elected. Since Captain Kiel was victorious, she worked to make this fractal available as seen here.


  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Reward Level: x
    • Secure the reactor's central control console.
    • Clear out the skritt defending the central control panel.
    • Retrieve a core sample and escape.
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png
    • Disable the colliders to stabilize the core.: x/2..4 (depending on difficulty level)
    • Disable the collider in the cooling chamber.: x/1
    • Shut down the collider in the live-subject lab.
    • Defeat Subject 6.
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png


Clear out the Skritt defending the central control panel[править]

Once you push the detonator and defeat the first wave of mobs, head upstairs and clear out the portals. These portals will pull you to them so be careful and don’t get pulled off the platform. The water below is toxic but it is harmless if you jump through it.

Disabling the colliders[править]

There are a total of 4 rooms containing colliders around the reactor. Activating consoles in the rooms will disable the colliders.

  • Under level 20, 2 colliders must be disabled, and only 3 rooms are open.
  • From level 20 to 40, 3 colliders must be disabled, and the Researcher Dormitories room will become available.
  • Starting at level 40, all 4 colliders will need to be disabled.

Live samples lab[править]

Champion Subject 6 uses poison and blocking moves. Repair Ooze move toward Subject 6 and heal him if they reach him.

  • Miscellaneous effect.png Shield Form — blocks attacks; gains 1 stack of Overload for each attack blocked
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Overload (effect) — reaching 20 stacks will cause Subject 6 to deal damage to players
  • When Champion Subject 6 has a blocking buff on him and gains a stacking buff, stop attack immediately. If you let him reach above 20 stacks, he will explode and perform an attack that will instantly down you.
  • After the blocking buff/stacking buff, he will perform an ooze shower attack. It is very inaccurate and doesn’t do a lot of damage even if you get hit by a few.

Repulsor Lab[править]

Players must navigate through a maze to disable the shielded collidors. To bring down the shields, party members need to interact with consoles. This lab is guarded by turrets and golems.

Умение Прицеливание на землю Время активации Время перезарядки Описание
3 2 Блокировать атаки.
Repulsor Bolt.png
 Repulsor Bolt
1 10.25¼ ...
  • There are 3 consoles in the room. Activate Console A to gain access to Console B which grants access to Console C. The map shows rough locations of the consoles in the maze.
  • A and B only need one player each while C is designed for two players. However, one person can handle Console C with the use of trait cleanses, skill cleanses, or teleports, as activating one of the consoles at C applies Immobilize and can be dealt with like any other condition.
  • If you die, the shield will be left at where ever you died and will not reset at the entrance. This is especially annoying and can make it hard for subsequent attempts.

Cooling Chamber[править]

Умение Прицеливание на землю Время активации Время перезарядки Описание
 Stumble forward (unnamed skill)
Описание умения не найдено.
Описание умения не найдено.
Описание умения не найдено.
  • Cooling Rods can be placed in the objects near the sides of the chamber to reduce the damage received
  • Before starting, maximize speed, health and vitality: Mango Pie, Magi's or Sentinel's armor and trinkets.
  • Teleport, shadowstep, and other movement skills can help players cross the chamber quickly
    • Mesmer tango icon 20px.png
      Portal Entre.png
       Portal Entre — set a portal outside of the chamber and run in to set the portal exit, allowing party members to skip nearly halfway through the chamber
    • Norn tango icon 20px.png
      Charge (Become the Bear).png
       Charge (with Become the Bear) — allows the player to move through most of the chamber very quickly
    • Norn tango icon 20px.png
      Dash (Become the Snow Leopard).png
       Dash (with Become the Snow Leopard) — allows the player to move through most of the chamber very quickly
  • Damage mitigation skills can help players survive longer
    • Warrior tango icon 20px.png
      Defiant Stance.png
       Defiant Stance — negates the damage from the chamber while healing the warrior


Rescue the lab members by destroying the gates before they die.

  • Break down the four doors and rescue the researchers before they die (kill the portals inside the room).

Thaumanova Anomaly[править]

Each party member must activate the console on the west side of the reactor (by Scarlet) to enter the final boss room.

Saving Chibb and Greeza from the dormitories will apply the Destabilized effect on the Anomaly (available at fractal level 40+).

  • Binding Bolt - Channeled attack, single target. Platform under targeted foe disappears.
  • Flux Bomb - Single target. Damages target and surrounding foes after a couple of seconds. Target will have a bomb appear above their head.
  • Cosmic Barrage - Summons a ring of orbs that damage any foes nearby.
  • Star Smash - Heavy melee attack that Launch.png Отбрасываниеes foes.
  • Cosmic Anomaly - Affected foes take damage and platforms surrounding them will dissipate.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Cosmic Instability — temporarily destroys platforms near players
  • Unshakable.png Unshakable - Даёт Противление при становлении мишенью навыков контроля. Эффективность Слепоты — 10%. Время действия Слабости и Уязвимости — 50%.
  • Keep moving!
  • Stay away from your teammates.
  • Platforms will flash, glow purple, and fade before being destroyed.
  • Beware of any attacks that destroy platforms like Binding Bolt, Cosmic Barrage, and Cosmic Anomoly.
  • Have healing and sustain ready, as he does high damage with Binding Bolt and Flux Bomb. Squishy players may find themselves defeated from these alone
  • Keep Elite Burst skills for when the boss is at 10%





Environmental objects


Upon entering the Thaumanova Fractal
Dessa Observation Mode: You're in. And you're Inquest. Don't let that throw you, though. You're still basically you.
Dessa Observation Mode: I probably should have mentioned: gross corporeal reassignment is a known potential side effect of Fractal insertion.
Dessa Observation Mode: If you're looking into the cause of this disaster, you'll need a reactor-core sample.
Dessa Observation Mode: Very well. With random monsters teleporting in, and off-the-charts energy readings, I advise making a shortcut.
Dessa Observation Mode: There should be explosive units nearby. Use one to breach the wall and you'll have much easier access.
Dessa Observation Mode: The signal isn't striong enough. We're well past the target time. I say proceed and see what happens.
Nearing the two live Inquest near the beginning
Upon activating the central control console
Dessa Observation Mode: I'd like to know more about that special consultant, but this situation is deteriorating even faster than I expected.
Dessa Observation Mode: By my readings, you can't get the core sample you need right now. The reactor's too hot. You need to cool it down.
Dessa Observation Mode: I say disable the colliders in the adjacent labs and stop them from bombarding the core with high-magic particles.
Dessa Observation Mode: That'll buy you time to get the sample and keep more of the researches alive long enough to talk to them.
When approaching the cooling chamber
Dessa Observation Mode: The cooling chamber is overheating, but a cooling rod would slow the reaction. Did you bring one?
When further inside the cooling chamber
Dessa Observation Mode: Keep going! We can talk about the grotesque consequences of nigh-lethal radiation later.
When approaching the repulsor lab
Dessa Observation Mode: Look for safety shields. Even the Inquest wouldn't conduct repulsor experiments without them.
When approaching the dormitories
When freeing the Inquest members
Approaching the live samples lab
Dessa Observation Mode: Seems to be of the ooze family, but radically mutated. Even more caustic, corrosive, and calamitous than usual.
Dessa Observation Mode: There's a cooling rod in that area. If you can acquire it and not get slimed to death, do so. It may come in handy.
Dessa Observation Mode: The ooze is blocking access to the collider. You're going to have to kill it, so prepare to get slimy. (When reaching Subject 6)
Dessa Observation Mode: The little oozes are trying to repair the big one. Deal with them first. (During the Alpha 6 battle, repeats)
Disabling the first collider
Dessa Observation Mode: You have to shut down more colliders before you can extract a core sample.
Disabling the second collider
Dessa Observation Mode: I think you're ready for the extraction. Head to the control panel and give it a try.
Finding Scarlet Briar taking sample
Scarlet Briar: Reactor approaching critical, panicked evacuation, general mayhem and hysteria...Yep, I'd say my work here is done.
Scarlet Briar: Sorry about all the death, and for the portal pandemonium.
Scarlet Briar: I told the Inquest chaos energy was a misnomer. Mind you, dragon energy is tricky, so I can see how they flubbed it.
Scarlet Briar: At least they helped identify the network of magical channels that crisscross the globe. That was a breakthrough.
Scarlet Briar: Now we know how NOT to do this kind of research right on an intersection of those channels. Live and learn, right?
Scarlet Briar: That's progress. Hooray for progress! Ooh, but it's getting a bit too deadly in here for me. Bye now! (Disappears afterwards)
Dessa Observation Mode: I don't know how to say this, but the energies in that facility are...becoming something. It's an anomaly I can't explain.
Approaching Thaumanova Anomaly
Dessa Observation Mode: Full meltdown is moments away. You have to get by that thing, and fast. If it doesn't kill you, the radiation will.
(when saved Greeza and Chibbs previously)
Inquest Technican Greeza: Now I return the favor you did me. I'm going to overcharge the reactor and destabilize that monster.
Inquest Technican Chibb: Helping is noble, but I also want to live. Oh well. We're probably all doomed anyway, so I might as well pitch in.
Dessa Observation Mode: Everybody you saved is pitching in to help disperse the anomaly. See? Virtue is its own reward.
During Thaumanova Anomaly battle
Dessa Observation Mode: Watch your step. There is a 99.9—with lots more nines—percent chance that falling into the reactor core will be fatal.
Dessa Observation Mode: I think your attacks are causing it to destabilize. Be careful. It doesn't like that one bit.
Dessa Observation Mode: Now the anomaly's overloading! Careful, that beam attack can permanently disperse platforms. (When Thaumanova Anomaly reaches 25% HP)
Dessa Observation Mode: This is it! We've hit criticality! Rerouting all power to Fractal extraction! (Upon victory)


The lines "Everybody you saved..." and "This is it!..." are played twice at the same time, with the first simply being just "Dessa".