The Crown Pavilion (zone)

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the zone accessible during the Queen's Jubilee. Для the area within Divinity's Reach, смотрите The Crown Pavilion.

The Crown Pavilion

Explorable zone
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Connects to
Divinity's Reach

The Crown Pavilion is a special zone accessible through Divinity's Reach. It was introduced during the Queen's Jubilee release. The Crown Pavilion was once the The Great Collapse area, being transformed in a gladiatorial arena in honor of Queen Jennah's jubilee and celebration of the human spirit to fight and endure. The zone only has one identifiable area, being the same name as the zone and not to be confused with the area in Divinity's Reach. The arena is divided into six slices, having a corresponding theme and emissary to fight for. Enemies in the zone are watchknights under an illusion. Upon defeating an enemy, the illusion will be unvieled to be a watchknight. The zone does not have vistas, skill challenges, or renown hearts and does not count for map completion. Like other Living World content, players will be scaled up to 80 for the duration of the release.

The Crown Pavilion was available until September 3rd,[1] except for the Opening Ceremony story and its related achievement, which was removed on August 20th, along with the release of Clockwork Chaos.[2]

The zone was closed down at the start of Clockwork Chaos. To gain access again you needed to have completed Scarlet's Playhouse at least one time.

Characters are adjusted to level 80 while in the zone.

Getting there[править]

The Crown Pavilion was accessible from a portal near the Crown Pavilion waypoint at Crown Pavilion area in western Divinity's Reach. The first time you entered this portal you would be placed into the Opening Ceremony story instance, but after that you were able to access the Crown Pavilion freely from any character.

Locations and objectives[править]

Waypoint (tango icon).png
Crown Pavilion Waypoint

There are no known events for this area.


The zone is divided into six slices of a circle, divided by walls and a central platform. The center acts as a hub to each slice and contains a merchant, retrainer, repairs, and the emissaries. Each slice has an associated theme, making references to various races and organizations in Tyria and a corresponding emissary from a major city to each group. Destroyers have suitable molten environment, pirates have beached ships, and so on. Each emissary grants a champion effect that provides a magic find bonus, reduced damage from the family in the corresponding slice, and a buff. Defeating enemies while under a champion effect will progress the achievement for that emissary.

Each slice features an event with a legendary foe, which drops a steel chest at their location, and awards a chest (shown by an icon on the map) upon completion. Two events can be active at any time and start at two random slices. An event will restart in a random slice after approximately 10 minutes if it is completed. All the slices contain a high density of foes with quick respawn rates not seen elsewhere in the game, with the events spawning even more enemies while active. This can quickly overwhelm small groups of players and encourages players to move as one group to complete the events and combat foes in the zone. Each slice also contains a Glorious Chest (see map to right) in the area that can be opened daily.

Slice Family Legendary foe Event Emissary Effect
Northeast Flame Legion Legendary Sparcus Firesplash Defeat Sparcus Firesplash Black Citadel Emissary Miscellaneous effect.png Champion of the Legions - Champion of the Legions
East Bandit Legendary Boom-Boom Baines Defeat Boom-Boom Baines Hoelbrak Emissary Miscellaneous effect.png Champion of the Wild - Champion of the Wild
Southeast Ogre Legendary Shurakk the Savage Defeat Shurakk the Savage Rata Sum Emissary Miscellaneous effect.png Champion of the Colleges - Champion of the Colleges
Southwest Destroyer Legendary Pyroxis Defeat Pyroxis Grove Emissary Miscellaneous effect.png Champion of the Pale Tree - Champion of the Pale Tree
West Pirate Legendary Wiggin the Wicked Defeat Wiggin the Wicked Lion's Arch Emissary Miscellaneous effect.png Champion of the Council - Champion of the Council
Northwest Centaur Legendary Kuraii the Cruel Defeat Kuraii the Cruel Ebonhawke Emissary Miscellaneous effect.png Champion of the Crown - Champion of the Crown




Kodan Icehammer


Flame Legion


Idle dialogue[править]

Frostbite: (chitter)
Rox: "Ew. Frostbite, put that down. You don't know where it's been."
Frostbite: (chomp)
Frostbite: (chitter)
Rox: (snort) "Aw, the cub's not so bad once you get used to his smell."

(when players enter the Queen's Gauntlet)

Announcer: '""Here's an up-and-coming fighter, back for more.
Announcer: "Always a pleasure to welcome this veteran contender back to our arena."
Announcer: "You know this superstar by now. Let's hear it!"

(when players are in the Queen's Gauntlet)

Announcer: "This competitor continues to impress, but can they keep it up?"

(when time runs out for players in Queen's Gauntlet)

Announcer: "5..."
Announcer: "4..."
Announcer: "3..."
Announcer: "2..."
Announcer: "1!"


  • You can also access this area by climbing onto the large hawk structure over the Pavilion and jumping. Your character will zone into the Crown Pavilion - sometimes receiving no fall damage upon landing, other times dying.


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