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The Key of Ahdashim

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the raid. Для the NPC, смотрите Key of Ahdashim.

The Key of Ahdashim

Crystal Desert
Connects to
Domain of Vabbi

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After the events in the Mystic Forge, Qadim has returned home to the Hidden City of Ahdashim to usurp a great power. Seek the Key and the cardinals for guidance into the hallowed city walls and stop Qadim from destroying not only the djinn, but also the natural balance of the world.

— In-game description

The Key of Ahdashim[1] is the seventh raid wing introduced into the game.

It was released on June 11, 2019

Getting there[править]



A Hidden City

To Scholar Glenna and the esteemed champions of the Forge:

I hope you are doing well, my friends. I myself am thriving at the Mystic Forge, thanks of course to my foresight in recruiting you to stand before that bag of wind, Qadim.

I've received word he's entered our home city of Ahdashim. But all my attempts to communicate with the city have since been blocked. I would seek out the monster myself, but the Forge requires my attention. And my exile has not been lifted (a minor bureaucratic oversight, I'm sure...).

There is great power within Ahdashim—power that Qadim might seek to take for himself. I implore you to head to the citiy in my stead. If anyone knows what's going on there it'll be the Key of Ahdashim. Seek the Key and the cardinals.
Keep Ahdashim safe.




Area Area objectives
Prism Sanctuary
Point of interest.png
Gates of Ahdashim
Leystone Axis
Point of interest.png
Key's Fountain
Fractured Conservatory
Point of interest.png
Nirvana's Ascent
Basalt Arena
Point of interest.png
Earthen Shrine
Sovereign's Stadium
Point of interest.png
Well of Ahdashim











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Upon entering the starting area:

Scholar Glenna: Hey! The gang's all here. But the gate's all the way over there. And the front yard's kinda hostile.
Key of Ahdashim: Perhaps a little more respect for the Great City of Ahdashim? I am the Key; and you are on my doorstep, outsider.
Scholar Glenna: There's an orb talking to me. Again. The accounts...didn't describe this accurately. Why aren't you on the gate?
Key of Ahdashim: There was an incident.
Scholar Glenna: Is that incident named Qadim? Zommoros sent us.
Key of Ahdashim: Of course he did. Zommoros has always acted without thinking.
<Character name>: Could we maybe discuss this inside? Those open rifts are making me nervous.
Key of Ahdashim: Gather all the pieces of me Qadim scattered around the courtyard. I must be at the gate to open it.
<Character name>: We'll clear the way and collect your parts as we go.

Reclaiming the Key of Ahdashim's pieces

Scholar Glenna: Gotcha! Wow, you weren't kidding about your pieces. Qadim must really have an axe to grind with you.
Key of Ahdashim: Tantrums have ever been his style. And now his attempt to drain our ley line can be added to the list.
Scholar Glenna: You're not exactly a djinn, I take it. What are you?
Key of Ahdashim: Consider me Ahdashim's steward. I was made by the djinn as the first foundation stone was laid.
Scholar Glenna: You know, I expected the legendary Ahdashim barrier to be stronger than this.
Key of Ahdashim: Our ecosystem was designed for perfect balance. Qadim's unnatural presence is a catastrophe we did not foresee.
Scholar Glenna: Must've been a lot safer here, back when the Vabbi princes hid from Joko.
Key of Ahdashim: Ahdashim wasn't erected as a refuge for human princes. We were here well before Joko. And after, it seems.

Reaching the door to Ahdashim

Scholar Glenna: I feel like these rifts are just waiting to spit out more bad guys...
Scholar Glenna: So... knock, knock.
Key of Ahdashim: Qadim sabotaged the mechanism. I cannot repair it in my current state.
Scholar Glenna: Right, lack of hands. Okay, walk me through it.
Scholar Glenna: Guys, buy us time.

Opening the door

Scholar Glenna: I would love to know how you managed to meld ley and elemental djinn energies without causing a cataclysmic event.
Key of Ahdashim: We have our own way of doing things. Tourists need not be privy to such information.
Scholar Glenna: You do realize we're here to help you, right?
Key of Ahdashim: Take me to the fountain up ahead. It will restore me.
Scholar Glenna: We're inside Ahdashim! Our once-in-a-lifetime chance to see djinn in their natural habitat!
Key of Ahdashim: The djinn are not an exotic species for Priory study, little scholar. Remember, you are but guests in this house.
Scholar Glenna: Well, magically speaking, your house seems to be listing to the side. I'm getting wildly unstable readings here.
<Character name>: Shouldn't your cardinals be trying to stabilize the city?
Key of Ahdashim: Qadim killed Water and Fire. The remaining two have been seduced.
Key of Ahdashim: But do not concern yourselves. It is a djinn affair.
<Character name>: Well, given the crowds of living djinn in here, I'd say we're your best option.
Key of Ahdashim: Wonderful. Now, be on your —
Qadim the Peerless: Oh, Key. Whole again, are we? How did you Ike being cast aside, the fate of djinn decided by "Qadim the Peerless"?
Key of Ahdashim: Just because you've stolen a chair does not mean the seat at the table belongs to you.
Qadim the Peerless: Your Ahdashim will crumble; my domain will rise from the rubble. Be ready to bow to me in the world that comes after.
<Character name>: What'll happen if he succeeds in draining the ley line completely?
Key of Ahdashim: Devastation. Ahdashim will fall. A void of corruption will spread to every djinn and beyond, to nature itself.
Scholar Glenna: Okay. So, really suboptimal for all of us. How do we restore the power balance?
Key of Ahdashim: Air and Earth. Both traitors must be dispatched before Qadim's hold on the ley tine can be loosened.
Scholar Glenna: Good luck. I'll see if I can get the Key to open up a little more.
Scholar Glenna: In be just like talking to my great-aunt Kitta. Only I'm less likely to get whacked with a spoon.

Approaching Sabir

Cardinal Sabir: I'm your superior. This was the best choice. I saw which way the winds were blowing—and Qadim holds the bellows.
Voltaic Wisp: (whirring chirrup question)
Cardinal Sabir: Sure, the backdraft is destroying the city. But just think of it as a remodel.
<Character name>: You're supposed to protect the air djinn, not help Qadim bring Ahdashim down around their ears.
Cardinal Sabir: Qadim is a foregone conclusion. He's already accessed the Well of Ahdashim...

Engaging and defeating Sabir

Cardinal Sabir: The fracas is finished! You're wasting your time and mine.
Cardinal Sabir: Why should I fight and lose when I can acquiesce to the inevitable and survive?
Cardinal Sabir: Why attack me for having the intellect and foresight to keep my position when others lost theirs?
Cardinal Sabir: You cannot win against this impending tempest!
Cardinal Sabir: The first to join the winning side reaps the greatest rewards.
Cardinal Sabir: Just look at me now—higher than ever!
Cardinal Sabir: l am not the one left twisting in the winds!
Cardinal Sabir: Blow away from here! We are not your concern.
Cardinal Sabir: Question my choices, and I will cripple you.
Cardinal Sabir: Best to be quick in these volatile times!

Once Sabir (or Adina) is defeated

Scholar Glenna: You sure impacted the city's energy balance. But I think it's getting more volatile.
<Character name>: The Key did say both cardinals have to be gone to level the field.
Scholar Glenna: Yeah... The Key's definitely keeping something from us...
Scholar Glenna: Stop being evasive! My guys kill a cardinal, and you and this pylon light up like chak.
Key of Ahdashim: Of course. A lesser djinn cannot hope to inherit a cardinal's power to anchor the city.
Scholar Glenna: You mean you've absorbed both the backlash of elemental energy AND a kick from the ley line?
Key of Ahdashim: Would you prefer the released power flow straight to Qadim? Or whip wild through Ahdashim, destroying all in its path?
Scholar Glenna: What I would prefer is that you let me help you! Allies shares information. Or they lose.

Approaching Cardinal Adina

Cardinal Adina: You tread upon Ahdashim's sacred soil? You who are lower even than the lowest of djinn?
Cardinal Adina: Qadim will seal the rightful supremacy of djinn. Our power will shake the very mountains.
<Character name>: Your alliance with Qadim is tearing your city apart.
Cardinal Adina: What he destroys, I shall rebuild.
Cardinal Adina: Come then! You won't live to see Qadim's dominion. Or mine.

Engaging Adina

Cardinal Adina: Glory to earth! All others cow!
Cardinal Adina: The new dawn will find you wanting.
Cardinal Adina: You will be blinded by the brilliance of my rise!
Cardinal Adina: (roar)
Cardinal Adina: Earth shall inherit all. I've already risen above the Cardinals of Water and Fire. Air is no more than chatter.

Defeating Adina, returning to the Key

Cardinal Adina: You idiots! You've ruined everything!
Scholar Glenna: Head back here. I have a theory I'm gonna test—and I'd rather have you all as backup... just in case...
Key of Ahdashim: Your champions did well. Their tactics—
Key of Ahdashim: (yell)
<Character name>: What did you do?
Scholar Glenna: I knew it! The pylon, the fountain, you, the cardinals—it's all connected to the ley line. And to Qadim!
Qadim the Peerless: I warned you. Did you think I was joking?
Scholar Glenna: I've made you a—
Key of Ahdashim: You tamper with energies you do not understand.
Scholar Glenna: But I do understand ley lines. Here, use this flux disruptor on the pylons. It'll break Qadim's connection to them.
Key of Ahdashim: I will not see djinn weaknesses exploited by you inside our own home. The fate of djinn is not for outsiders to determine.
<Character name>: Were ready to do whatever it takes to defeat Qadim and save all the djinn. Are you?
Key of Ahdashim: Our power is only meant to be handed by djinn. But I can dampen the effects on you using the Well of Ahdashim.
Scholar Glenna: Could we reconfigure the well to reverse the flow and drain Qadim of power?
Key of Ahdashim: As long as his stolen power channels to me. If the city is lost, I'll ensure the infection won't spread beyond Ahdashim.
Scholar Glenna: What happens if the Key gets all that power, and we have another Qadim on our hands?
<Character name>: First, let's handle the villain we know. And we'll deal with whatever comes after... after.

The Key opens the final door

Scholar Glenna: That's Qadim? What the flux has he become?
Qadim the Peerless: Have you come to witness history? To see how I have risen high above the station in which you would have me rot?
Key of Ahdashim: You are an abomination, Qadim. And a disappointment.
Qadim the Peerless: Your words hold sway no longer, Key.
<Character name>: You're definitely bigger and uglier than you were at the Mystic Forge. But you still won't win.
Qadim the Peerless: "Champions" over toys and lesser djinn. You're not playing Zommoros's foolish games today.
<Character name>: You underestimated us last time, Qadim. Didn't work out so well.
Qadim the Peerless: I am something you've never faced before. And never will again.

Engaging Qadim

Qadim the Peerless: Not one of you can hope to defeat me now.
Qadim the Peerless: Step aside. Every moment has been leading me to this victory. Over my inferiors, over the Key, over Ahdashim.
Key of Ahdashim: You had great potential once, Qadim, despite your flaws. Now you are not even djinn. You are an outsider.
Qadim the Peerless: Because you passed me over! You preferred lesser djinn. Now reap the seeds you've sown.
<Character name>: Are you so ruled by the past that you'd destroy the future?
Qadim the Peerless: Yes.
<Character name>: The key's right, all the power you've taken has corrupted you.
Qadim the Peerless: I warned you. Did you think I was joking?
Qadim the Peerless: I emerged from the Forge with greater vision. The future will be I what I deem it to be.
Qadim the Peerless: Since you hunger for my power, have a taste!
Qadim the Peerless: This power is meant for someone greater. Me!
Qadim the Peerless: This is MY power—MY destiny!
Qadim the Peerless: It's MINE!
Qadim the Peerless: I would've brought Ahdashim to glory!

Cinematic upon defeating Qadim:

Qadim the Peerless: (scream)
Qadim explodes, and the Key of Ahdashim gathers his unbound magic seemingly to absorb it before she suddenly unleashes it instead.
Scholar Glenna: Ahdashim's energy structure is completely changed. What's happening?
As it leaves Ahdashim, the unleashed magic clears the Brandstorm around the Domain of Vabbi.
Key of Ahdashim: An evolution.
Some of the magic is absorbed by water djinn at the Palace of Aban.
Key of Ahdashim: Never again will a few djinn control the destiny of all.
Some of the magic is absorbed by fire djinn at the Temple of Atar.
Key of Ahdashim: Now every djinn shall be connected to Ahdashim and its energy.
Some of the magic is absorbed by earth djinn at the Hanging Gardens and Zommoros at the Mystic Forge.
Key of Ahdashim: We will share the burden and the power. As your champions do.
Dozens of newly empowered djinn appear at Sovereign's Stadium and converge around the Key of Ahdashim.

Message upon clearing the raid:

Ahdashim stands—changed, but still strong.




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