Секреты Солнечного Острова

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Trouble is brewing on the tropical island of Southsun Cove.

The merchants and traders of The Consortium have given shelter to refugees driven from their lands by the Molten Alliance, but many of these new arrivals feel more like prisoners than guests. With the new settlers on the verge of rioting and someone—or something—driving the local wildlife to new heights of aggression, it’s up to you and Lionguard Inspector Kiel to quell the violence and discover the Secret of Southsun!

— Official website

The Secret of Southsun is a release launched on May 14th, 2013 which follows the conclusion of the Flame and Frost narrative. The release heads back to Southsun Cove where animals are displaying mysterious behavior and a conflict between the Consortium on refugees is coming to a climax. The release is followed by Last Stand at Southsun and provides a conclusion to the events.

Новые особенности[править]

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Temporary features
Permanent features

Special Event - Secret of Southsun Cove[править]

Secret of Southsun[править]

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Inspector Ellen Kiel

Reserve Deputies Needed

Calling All Stalwarts:

We've got trouble on Southsun Cove again. Tensions between the resettled refugees and their Consortium hosts are about to boil over, and the local wildlife is more aggressive than ever. On Captain Magnus' orders, I am deputizing any and all qualified volunteers to help me keep the peace. If you're up for a challenge and you have the skills, come see me so we can shut down this unrest before it gets unmanageable.

—Inspector Ellen Kiel

[Show Me]
There's a situation on Southsun Cove, and it's about to boil over. The Lionguard needs assistance.
Southsun Cove can now be reached through the asura gate northeast of Claw Island Portage in Lion's Arch.
Willing volunteers are asked to report to Inspector Kiel at the Pearl Islet resort.
Researcher Levvi is at Canach's Folly, researching the island's recently crazed fauna.

Southsun Volunteer Fieldwork[править]

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Several members of the Consortium and Settlers want to avoid violence, asking players to help take down the instigators of the fights regardless of which side they're on to avoid continued bloodshed.

Journals and Memos[править]

Two Consortium Memos and a Settler Journal can be found in the various camps to give more insight into the troubles on the island.


Tensions are high on the island, fights and arguments are breaking out between all involved parties, revealing underlying problems.

Gem Store[править]


Item Gem Cost Qty $ or € £ Description
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1200 Gem.png
An assortment of souvenirs from the Southsun islands. This chest contains Southsun crafting materials and a chance to get a wide variety of items such as shoulder skins, new boosts and conveniences, and a rare chance to get new weapon skins and mini pets.


Item Gem Cost Qty $ or € £ Description
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Gem.png 1 $0€ £0 Underwater Swiftness(1 hr): Your movement speed is increased while swimming.



  • The original pre-release article page mistakenly included mention of changes to the World Experience system and the removal of culling from PvE. However, these changes were still in testing and weren't ready for release; the relevant sections were quickly removed from the official article. [1]

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