Tixx's Infinirarium

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Tixx's Infinirarium

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Travel to Tixx's airship! Destroy toys! Love, laugh, cry.

— In-game description

Tixx's Infinirarium is a dungeon introduced during Wintersday 2012. At the center of shop is a contraption producing the toy of the city it is visiting. The ground floor features destructible scale models of buildings and trees from throughout Tyria; destroying them earns the Smash the Town achievement. The objectives for the dungeon change depending on the city the airship is visiting. Defeating the malfunctioning toys will contribute to the Buster of the Busted Wintersday monthly achievement.

Dungeon information[править]

The dungeon varies with the city it stops at, navigate to the appropriate city page using the links listed:


Completion is tracked by account; for each stop, the rewards for first completion can only be obtained once per account. In addition to the rewards below, a Chest spawns in the center area rewarding with 3 random items on the first completion, and Wintersday related items on subsequent completions.

First completion
Subsequent completion

Note: The Game updates/2012-12-16 update indicates players were not supposed to be affected by diminishing returns.


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