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Toypocalypse is a tower defense activity introduced as part of Wintersday 2012 with the Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx game release. It takes place in Tixx's Infinirarium.

Your task is to protect five gift dolyaks while malfunctioning toys spawn over ten rounds, with five waves per round. To protect the dolyaks your team has to build constructs for protection or attacking the toys. To set up these constructs, you need to gather resources, Snow or Scraps, by destroying trees and buildings. Each construct can be upgraded up to two times by using another resource. Upgrading a construct will also repair it completely.

At the end of every other round, Toxx will try to attack the dolyaks dealing a huge amount of damage. After defeating Toxx and completing the round, Hay appears which allows to heal dolyaks by a small amount. Also, after every two rounds, the level type will change.

Getting there[править]

  • Speak to the unnamed Seraph Soldier with a pair of crossed flags above his head, standing on a barrel not far from Tixx on the Grand Piazza in Lion's Arch.
  • Select "Yes, let's do this." in the dialogue, and he will send you to the "Toypocalypse" event.


  • Mission: Protect gift dolyaks from malfunctioning toys.
  • Survive all ten rounds to win.
  • Destroy trees and buildings to get bundles that can be used to build defenses.
  • Scrap and snow bundles allow you to place and upgrade turrets and barriers.
  • Grab a weapon to defend yourself: toy cap rifle, toy repair pistol, or toy smasher.
  • You can only heal by standing in the center of the map.
  • Earn points by destroying malfunctioning toys.
  • Team score is in the top right. Player score is in the top left.
  • Hay appears every two waves and heals gift dolyaks.
  • Each time you die, respawn delay time increases.


Tips and Strategies[править]

Character Roles:

  • Ideally you will want three players wielding Toysmashers and two players using Toy Cap Rifles. In early rounds, before you have had a chance to properly set up your defenses, a player or two with the Toy Repair Pistol can be a great help in keeping toys permanently stunned or turning them against their fellows. However, once a decent defense is constructed, switch roles to one of the two below.
  • The Toysmashers should focus on resource gathering and defense construction, as they can most easily destroy scenery and don't deal a large amount of damage. Do not stop to attack toys unless a dolyak is being swarmed and assistance is urgently needed.
  • The Rifles should focus on dolyak protection by killing any toys that manage to survive the catapult barrage (see below) and feeding injured dolyaks with Hay. The catapults should make short work of any toys attacking Ice Walls, but keep an eye out for any toys that are attacking from a distance (mostly Toy Ventari and Princess Dolls). Ventaris in particular should be priority targets due to their AoE attacks which can destroy multiple catapults and walls.


  • Toy Soldiers, Plush Griffons and Toy Golems are melee attackers. Griffons will occasionally evade attacks, while Golems are immune to crowd control skills. Once your defenses are up, these toys can be mostly ignored as they tend to cluster around the Ice Walls only to get smashed to pieces by the catapults.
  • Toy Ventaris and Princess Dolls are ranged attackers. Princess Dolls are fairly non-threatening and are only a risk if you happen to get multiple Confusion stacks on yourself. Toy Ventaris are the biggest threat and should always be destroyed first.
  • When Toxx spawns, Rifle users should try and pull her away from the dolyaks and defenses, but still keep within range of the catapults so they can assist you. As no other toys spawn during this time, this is a prime opportunity for Toysmashers to rebuild and repair defenses. If Toxx manages to get in among the dolyaks, then the Toysmashers should all rush Toxx and spam skills 2 and 3 to try and keep her permanently knocked down while the Rifles and catapults blast her down.


  • The two most useful constructions you can build are Ice Walls and Catapults. Ice Walls are essential for keeping toys away from the dolyaks, while catapults can easily destroy large numbers of toys once you've got a good artillery nest going. In later waves, catapults will be crucial to killing toys fast enough to avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Upgrading a defense will also repair it of all damage. When trying to decide whether or not to upgrade an existing defense or building a new one, always upgrade an existing defense first if it has less than 50% health.
  • Build your Ice Walls in the gaps between the "pillars" between the dolyaks. Trying to build Ice Walls on the ramps is not terribly effective as there is too much room to cover. Once you have an entrance point walled off, upgrade the walls until they are all Crystalline Walls. If no new walls need to be built and you have excess snow, build a second layer of ice walls in front of the first. Snowmen are generally a waste of snow as they deal nowhere near the damage of catapults or even ballista.
  • Build catapults in preference to ballista. Although slower to fire, catapults deal much more damage and in massed numbers can easily devastate an attacking toy wave in a single barrage. Building a ring of catapults around the perimeter of the dolyak platform is a sound strategy, but be sure to leave enough space between them so AoE attacks from Toy Ventari or Toxx won't destroy multiple catapults. However, once you have a good catapult defense set up, a few ballista interspersed between the catapults can be useful in fending off toy attacks on the catapults.
  • Ignore the Skritt Mercenaries. At 3 Scraps, their cost for assistance is much too high, and the time spent in running back and forth to their location means you can be too far away to help should an emergency arise.
  • The Mortars can also be ignored for much the same reason as the Skritt.


Skill Activation Description
 Candy Cane Ballista
No skill description found.
 Snowball Catapult
No skill description found.
  • Toy Ballista
Redirect Arrow.png Toy Superballista
Redirect Arrow.png Toy Megaballista
  • Toy Catapult
Redirect Arrow.png Toy Supercatapult
Redirect Arrow.png Toy Megacatapult
Skill Activation Description
 Snow Barrier
No skill description found.
 Build Snowman
No skill description found.
Redirect Arrow.png Super Snowman
Redirect Arrow.png Mega Snowman
  • Ice Wall
Redirect Arrow.png Reinforced Ice Wall
Redirect Arrow.png Crystalline Wall


  • Your normal skills are removed on entry to this mini-game, and new skills appear when you pick up weapons found in the area.
  • Every second wave, a Mysterious Present will spawn on the map, which will only yield presents and no more foes.
  • A Skritt Mercenary can be hired for three scraps, multiple Skritt Mercenaries are available for hire.
  • A pair of mortars can be assembled on the hill behind the miniature Rata Sum on the map for three scraps. Note that they lack the ability to select between explosive and incendiary shells but otherwise have unchanged controls.
  • Completing all ten rounds with at least one Dolyak remaining will give you the achievement "Toypocalypse Canceled."


  • Toypocalypse likely refers to the 2012 phenomenon, in which an apocalypse was predicted for December 21 2012, the supposed end of the Mayan calendar. The activity was released on December 20 2012, the prior day.