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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the previous transmutation system. Для for the new system, смотрите Wardrobe.
An image showing the old transmutation system.

Transmutation was a system that allowed players to customize the appearance of their equipment, both weapons and armor. Using Transmutation Charges, players could combine two items of the same type, creating a single item with the appearance of one item and the statistics of the other. Transmuted items had to be of the same weapon/armor type.


  1. Open the Hero Panel, click on the wardrobe tab and then click on the equipment item you wish to transmute.
  2. A separate panel on the left will open, displaying all of the unlocked skins from the Account Wardrobe that fit into the selected slot.
  3. When selecting a skin, a pop-up will appear showing how many Transmutation Crystals are needed to make the desired change.
  4. After clicking "Accept," the equipment item will have the previously equipped stats and display the new, transmuted skin.


  • Skins can be unlocked by acquiring them in the character inventory. Once they have been in a character's inventory, it will be unlocked in the wardrobe.
  • Transmuted legendary precursors will not be recognized as such in the Mystic Forge. This means they cannot be used to create a legendary weapon.
  • The resulting item rarity of a transmuted item will be "transmuted."
  • The color of the name of the resulting item is usually the same color of the item that provided the stats. An exception is with items of the legendary rarity, in which the resulting color will always be that of the legendary color.
  • Currently, amulets and jewelry cannot be transmuted.
  • The transmutation system received an overhaul in the April 15 update and was replaced with the Wardrobe.