Trap (environmental weapon)

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the environmental weapon. Для the skill type, смотрите Trap.

Traps are consumable items that is used to build environmental weapons used in WvW. They need 10 Supply.png to be placed and complement siege weapons.

Placing a trap uses very short-range ground targeting to assist in orientation. Placed traps have a 600×90 rectangular trigger area; only enemies can trigger them. Once triggered, traps affect up to 20 enemies within a range of 1200.


Traps are sold by Traps and Tricks Outfitters for 15 Badges of Honor.png and 525 Karma.png. Like blueprints they will stack to 250 and are account-bound. Two unique variants are available.

Supply Removal Trap
Removes 5 supply from enemies affected by the trap.
Stealth Disruptor Trap
Removes stealth from enemies and reveals them for 30 seconds, preventing stealth.

Map Limit and Despawning[править]

Players may only have one of a given trap type deployed at a time. Traps will disappear when a player leaves the map. When placed, traps last for one hour.


  • Traps were added to the game on 14 May 2013.