Treadrock Uplands

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Treadrock Uplands

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Dry Top
Treadrock Uplands is a level 80 area located in Dry Top. The area was introduced in Entanglement.

Getting there[править]

Start from Prosperity Waypoint in Prospect Valley and travel through Scarlet's house on the west side of town. Scarlet's Secret Room will lead players here upon completion.

Locations and objectives[править]

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Restoration Refuge Waypoint
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Restoration Refuge
Point of interest.png
Raptor Prowl
Raptor Prowl Vista
<short description of how to get to vista>




Event Wintersday.png
Gentt (80)
Repair Anvil



Ambient Creature

Ambient dialogue[править]

Explorer Amoxtli: So you're both from Divinity's Reach. Were you there when Scarlet attacked your city?
Explorer Savio: Yeah. I was there for the Queen's Jubilee.
Explorer Kitabu: I wasn't home, but I lost a cousin in her attack on the pavilion.
Explorer Amoxtli: Someone very special to me was killed when Lion's Arch fell.
Explorer Saviio: If she wasn't dead, I would've assumed that Scarlet was behind this Zephyrite mess, too.
Explorer Amoxtli: I don't think so. The steward has always been good to me.
Explorer Kitabu: Savio was kidding.
Explorer Savio: I was? Oh! I mean, of course I was.
Explorer Savio: What do you make of these centaurs? You figure we can trust them?
Explorer Kitabu: They aren't what I was expecting. Generations ago, this region's centaurs were hostile.
Explorer Amoxtli: Their chieftain claims to follow ancient traditions that predate even Ventari. I enjoyed talking with him.
Explorer Kitabu: This tribe is an important find. We could get enough material from them to publish a lifetime of papers.
Explorer Savio: Guess it could be a lot worse, then.
Explorer Amoxtli: There's something about humans I don't understand.
Explorer Savio: (snort) This should be interesting.
Explorer Kitabu: Quiet. Go on, Amoxtli.
Explorer Amoxtli: Each morning I see my god rise in the east and set in the west. I feel Zintl's warmth on my skin…
Explorer Kitabu: Oh, I see. You're wondering how we feel about the remoteness of our gods?
Explorer Amoxtli: That's it, exactly. I read that they used to be more present in your lives?
Explorer Kitabu: They still are. We feel their blessings every day. They lend is their strength, their power.
Explorer Amoxtli: I…think I understand now. Thank you.
Explorer Savio: (laugh) In that case, maybe you can explain it to me.
Explorer Savio: What do you two think? Should we turn back, brief Gixx on what we've seen?
Explorer Amoxtli: The steward sent us to explore, and there's still more to discover out here.
Explorer Kitabu: We need to learn as much as we can about these lost places. Who knows what could be important?
Explorer Savio: I guess it's decided, then. We press on, find out what we can.


Environmental weapons

Crafting resources[править]

Resource nodes[править]

Mine resource (map icon).png
Mithril Ore
Wood resource (map icon).png
Cypress Sapling


  • This marks the first time a non-hostile centaur tribe appeared in the game.