Trionic Lattice

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Trionic Lattice

Frostgorge Sound
Trionic Lattice is an area on the east side of Frostgorge Sound, southwest of the Earthshake waypoint.

Locations and objectives[править]

Renown Hearts
No hearts found for this area.
Starting from the waypoint at Earthshake Basin, head due West until you get to a tent encampment where there are some guns, almost due North of the vista but below the road. From there, head due South, hopping over the chasm. Continue heading South along the easternmost edge of the center mountain, which shows as a darker grey on your minimap. Hug close to the edge and avoid any bears, continuing to find pathways until you hit the southernmost edge of the center mountain, and you will have the vista.
The west/left side approach is fairly easy, too. Just hug the side of the mountain southward from the northern end, you'll come to a point where the navigable area ends, and the little plateau the vista is on is too high to jump onto. Trace your steps back wards a bit and you'll see a sloping ledge which you can run/jump up to a center spine, from which you can drop down onto the plateau.


The name is a reference to a fictional piece of technology from the British science fantasy TV series Doctor Who.