Trip to the Circus

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Trip to the Circus

Живой Мир: Сезон 3
Rising Flames
Shipwreck Beach
Igneous Breach
Machine in the Flame


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Trip to the Circus is the fourth part of Rising Flames.


Look for the next machine.
  • Head to the western part of the island.
  • Speak to the ringmaster.
  • Take the portal to activate the machine.



Head to the area indicated by the
either via using the Castaway Circus Waypoint or using the western Thermal Tube at Promontory Waypoint and talk to Ringmaster Ivy. After dialogue take the mesmer portal that appears in tent. It will teleport you onto the hills with one tent and the machine.

Activate the machine and continue to Machine in the Flame.


Trip to the Circus Rising Flames.png Rising Flames Очко достижений
Turn on the dwarven machine near the shipwrecked circus.Story Journal: Trip to the Circus Found the Shipwrecked Circus and Activated the Machine Очко достижений






Upon reaching the area
<Character name>: Is that a village? All the way out here? A circus. On Fire Islands.
<Character name>: This definitely merits investigation.
Speaking to Ringmaster Ivy
Ringmaster Ivy: A...a customer! A real customer! Hold on just a minute, I'm not prepared - (throat clearing)
Ringmaster Ivy: Welcome to Ember Bay's one-and-only circus, where you'll witness the grandest marvels Tyria has to offer! Want to buy a ticket?
<Character name>: No time right now. I'm looking for an ancient device, dwarven in make. There's supposed to be one nearby. Do you know it?
Ringmaster Ivy: Searching for antiquity, eh? We've got a piece that may interest you. Not sure it's dwarven, but it sure is old!
Ringmaster Ivy: I might be convinced to let you in free of charge if you give me a hand with my chores... Otherwise, ticketholders only.
<Character name>: Here's my ticket: if you don't grant me access to that machine, the Fire Islands will erupt, taking your circus with it.
Ringmaster Ivy: (nervous laugh) Well! I guess we can overlook protocol for today. Go on in! Behold one of Ember Bay's greatest mysteries!
After activating machine
<Character name>: Only two more machines to find. Next on the list: the caldera.

My story[править]

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The last thing I expected to find on Fire Island was a traveling circus of castaways. I helped them with their troubles, and in return, they showed me where the second dwarven machine was. I managed to activate it. Two down, two to go.

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