Triple Trouble

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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the meta event. Для the achievement category, смотрите Triple Trouble (achievements).

Triple Trouble

Bloodtide Coast
Тип события
Meta event
Кол. событий
Карты события
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Triple Trouble is a meta event that takes place in the Bloodtide Coast.


Event schedule[править]

  • 05:30 PDT (12:30 UTC)
  • 11:00 PDT (18:00 UTC)
  • 21:00 PDT (04:00 UTC)


Before the meta event starts
Crusader Zepp: "We need to come to a consensus. Which site are we investigating, exactly?"
Crusader Yipp: "What does it matter? We need to get there. Now."
Crusader Xutt: "Shocking - We're fighting again."
Crusader Yipp: "Enough! Let's just pick a site and get to it."
Crusader Zepp: "I have a better idea: divide and conquer. Three of us, three sites to investigate. We compare notes later."
Crusader Yipp: "Fine. I'll take the old skritt gorges near Mole's Head."
Crusader Xutt: "So I get to swim clear across the bay to that creepy beach. Fantastic."
Crusader Zepp: "Let's learn what we can and rendezvous here after."
Crusader Zepp: "Splitting up was only logical, provided we don't find something unexpected at the sites."
Alternate dialogue before the meta event starts
Crusader Zepp: "Even though it appears the local energy probes have ceased functioning, we need to continue investigating the great jungle wurm."
Crusader Yipp: "Hmm. Are we sure that those probes are what stirred up the wurm activity to begin with?"
Crusader Xutt: "Nooo, I'm sure it was a coincidence that each of us was attacked by a great jungle wurm at each probe site."
Crusader Yipp: "I thought we were send here to investigate, not leap to conclusions. Correlation does not imply causation."
Crusader Zepp: "(sigh) We should restart the probes at each site to test the theory. I'll head back to the southeast bogs."
Crusader Yipp: "And I'll head back to the old skritt gorges near Mole's Head"
Crusader Xutt: "(groan) Great, I get to swim back across the bay to that creepy beach again."
Crusader Zepp: "It's settled then! Let's meet back here to compare notes."
After the meta event ends
Crusader Xutt: "Tell me I was the only one of us unlucky enough to run into a great wurm."
Crusader Yupp: "Not at all. One attacked my site, and I was lucky to get away alive."
Crusader Zepp: "So there was a great wurm at all three sites. Astounding. I think we should report back, get reinforcements."
Crusader Xutt: "I like the sound of that."
Crusader Yupp: "No, we're not done here. This may not be over yet."
Crusader Xutt: "I don't like where this is going."
Crusader Yipp: "I say we need to find out if those wurms are really gone before we retreat."
Crusader Zepp: "You've convinced me. We've gained invaluable insights here in the field: there are three connected threats."
Crusader Xutt: "(sign) I guess this is what we signed up for. Can we at least rest here for a moment before we rush back in?"
Alternate dialogue after the meta event ends
Crusader Zepp: "So, the thrumming of the energy probes does indeed appear to cause wurm attacks."
Crusader Xutt: "I told you."
Crusader Yupp: "I don't know what's worse, the great wurm attacks or this clod actually being right about something."
Crusader Zepp: "(chuckle) Either way, I think the relationship between probes and wurms is worthy of further investigation."
Crusader Xutt: "Not to mention the three heads all being part of one great jungle wurm."
Crusader Yupp: "(snort) That's— Hmm, that would explain a lot."
Crusader Zepp: "A three-headed great jungle wurm is an unprecedented discovery."
Crusader Yupp: "Let's take a short break before we head back to the sites."
Crusader Xutt: "Or, you know, a long break."


  • All Vigil crusaders must reach the probe sites for the great jungle wurms to appear.
  • The great jungle wurms will only terrorize the coast when an attempt to kill the wurms on-site has failed.