Triskellion Vale

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Triskellion Vale

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Kessex Hills
Triskellion Vale (Долина Трисколе) - это область в Kessex Hills. Эта зеленая долина служит домом для трех поселений: Kessex Haven, Quarryside и Triskell Quay.

Места и задачи[править]

Путевые точки
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Kessex Haven Waypoint —
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Triskell Quay
Quarryside Vista —
Следуйте по кромке леса.
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Kessex Haven





Bekan (17)
Brewer Ronger (17)
Bronk (18)
Cherill (18)
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Engineer Gilli (17)
Engineer Pluank (17)
Laurent (17)
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Lena (17)
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Mayor Trisk (20)
Scout (map icon).png Morwyn (20)
Poka (17)




Источники ресурсов[править]

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Iron Ore
Plant resource (map icon).png
Herb Sprouts
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Диалог окружения[править]

В Kessex Haven
Deputy Tolmkiln: Я люблю хорошо подраться.
Klondurj: По тебе это видно.
Deputy Tolmkiln: Правда? Спасибо.
Klondurj: Это не комплимент
Fishmonger Gilbert: Да ладно тебе! Я уверен, это можно безопасно употреблять в пищу. (сглатывает)
Fishmonger Gilbert: У меня были сделки и получше.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Удивительно недорогая рыба продается здесь!
Fishmonger Gilbert: Не набрасывайтесь все сразу. Здесь полно совершенно съедобной рыбы.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Привлекательное all offers on my entire haul of (gulp) tasty, tasty fish.
Fishmonger Gilbert: At these prices, I must have brain damage!
Fishmonger Gilbert: Did I hear fifty copper? Hello?
Lionguard Crushkrait: (sniff) What is that stench scorching my nostrils? Why are you still here?
Fishmonger Gilbert: Oh, come on, now. I mean, I’m just trying to make a living.
Lionguard Crushkrait: I should arrest you for attempted murder.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Ha ha! Just a little fun at my expense, folks.
Fishmonger Gilbert: Please don’t arrest me.
Lionguard Crushkrait: Pack up your stinking toxic fish and shove off, or I just might. (spit)
Fishmonger Gilbert: Yes, sir.
Brewer Roger: We used to have ale tasters traveling here all the time. But they’ve stopped coming.
Duhny: Wonder why.
Brewer Roger: Duh. Maybe the war? Or haven’t you noticed?
Duhny: Well, maybe they found ale they liked better or something. The war doesn’t keep us away.
Brewer Roger: Nobody has found better ale! Besides, it’s become too dangerous for the tasters to travel.
Klondurj: Don’t tell him, but I brought my own ale.
Duhny: Yeah, his gets old.
Klondurj: Want some?
Duhny: Sure!
Lionguard Fritz: You know the secret to a top-notch fighting force?
Brewer Roger: What?
Lionguard Fritz: Uniforms.
Lionguard Fritz: Uniforms represent state of mind. Look you best, feel you best, fight your best, I always say.
Brewer Roger: Really?
Lionguard Fritz: Unequivocally. Appearance is key. And the enemy understands that too. You’d do well to keep that in mind.
Brewer Roger: Believe me, I understand. That’s exactly how I feel about my ale. I didn’t realize the same concept applied to war.
Villager: Sheriff! What is that beast doing here!
Villager: Yah, I’d heard there was a centaur in the Haven, but I just couldn’t believe it.
Centaur Emissary: I am here as an emissary, human. Do not trifle with things you do not understand.
Villager: Shut it centaur! Or I’ll gut you where you stand!
Sheriff Sauchaa: You’ll do nothing of the sort! What she says is true, she’s here as an emissary.
Sheriff Sauchaa: …and as such, she is under our protection.
Villager: I can’t believe this! You’ve sold out your own people!
Sheriff Sauchaa: We’ve received word that centaurs have been attacking merchants under Lionguard protection.
Centaur Emissary: Then you have been given faulty information, Sheriff.
Sheriff Sauchaa: I’m not so sure, but I’m also not in a position to take action.
Sheriff Sauchaa: The treaty protects you for now, but know that if you keep pushing, my Lionguard will gladly push back.
Centaur Emissary: I assure you, we have nothing against the Lionguard. You presence on our lands has been… accepted.
Duhny: I think those mountains are unstable. They rumble and sigh all the time, like an army of old men.
Klondurj: You could be hearing ettins or something.
Duhny: This is definitely shifting ground. Unstable.
Klondurj: Maybe it’s giants.
Duhny: Unless they’re underground, I don’t think so.
Sheriff Sauchaa: Seems like all the training we do is just polishing our weapons.
Brewer Roger: Well, weapons have to look good too, right?
Sheriff Sauchaa: No. They just have to work.
Brewer Roger: I wouldn’t serve ale in subpar containers. I wouldn’t serve food on dirty tables! Why should we expect less for our troops?
Sheriff Sauchaa: They’re vastly different! Drinking ale has nothing to do with training.
Brewer Roger: Oh.

At Quarryside
Injii: Kessex Haven serves the best moa stew outside of Shaemoor.
Seraph Soldier: I think your stew is the best.
Injii: Oh, my! Flattery will get you everywhere.
Rhundall: I gave up mining because they didn’t want to do it my way.
Seraph Soldier: Oh, well maybe–
Rhundall: Yep. My way. Would’ve solved so many problems. What’s wrong with people?
Injii: Why do our crops look so… sparse?
Rhundall: Maybe because we’re miners and nor farmers?
Injii: The centaurs trampling them all the time doesn’t help either.
Rhundall: Fetch me a beer, you, and make it quick. I’m thirsty.
Injii: Get it yourself, you ungrateful toad.
Rhundall: Now, now. You know I was only joking.
Seraph Soldier: Did you hear that? Sounded like a centaur shadow.
Seraph Soldier (2): A centaur shadow? I think you’ve been on patrol too long.
Seraph Soldier: You know what we need? We need us a wall.
Seraph Soldier (2): To sit on? Good idea. I could use a rest.
Seraph Soldier: Naw! To keep the centaurs out.
Injii: What do centaurs need with our ore, anyway?
Rhundall: Well, they use swords and guns, so I guess…
Injii: It was a rhetorical question.

At Triskell Quay
Fisher: The lake is teeming with krait!
Dalles: You’d still get your quiet life. It’d just be very short.
Villager: Maybe you should fish for krait instead. I wonder what they taste like?
Villager: I don’t want to raise a family out here in the wilderness.
Villager (2): Wait! A family?
Fisher: Light catch. Gonna be a hard winter. Blasted krait foul the nets and steal our fish.
Fisher: They taste like harpy.

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