Unidentified Dye

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Double Click to identify one random dye color which can be unlocked for one of your characters or recycled at the mystic forge.

— Внутриигровое описание



Unidentified dyes do not contain starter dyes.

Rarity Grays Browns Reds Oranges Yellows Greens Blues Purples

Skill.png Burnished Steel Dye
Skill.png Fluff Dye
Skill.png Green Tint Dye
Skill.png Silver Lead Dye

Skill.png Beige Dye
Skill.png Calfskin Dye
Skill.png Copper Pot Dye
Skill.png Deep Pine Dye
Skill.png Far Mountain Dye
Skill.png Frosting Dye
Skill.png Malt Dye
Skill.png Midnight Rust Dye
Skill.png Mohair Dye
Skill.png Mudmetal Dye
Skill.png Natural Dye
Skill.png Old Nickel Dye
Skill.png Peach Tint Dye

Skill.png Adobe Sunset Dye
Skill.png Pastel Peach Dye
Skill.png Pastel Pink Dye
Skill.png Scarlet Dye

Skill.png Brick Dye
Skill.png Buttercream Dye
Skill.png Cantaloupe Dye
Skill.png Citrus Dye
Skill.png Copper Pot Dye
Skill.png Melon Dye
Skill.png Old Penny Dye
Skill.png Orangespring Dye
Skill.png Papaya Dye
Skill.png Peach Sunset Dye
Skill.png Shy Peach Dye
Skill.png Sienna Dye

Skill.png Banana Dye
Skill.png Butterscotch Dye
Skill.png Citrus Ice Dye
Skill.png Lemon Ice Dye
Skill.png Pastel Honey Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Lemon Dye
Skill.png Pastel Spring Dye
Skill.png Patina Dye
Skill.png Shale Dye
Skill.png Tang Dye
Skill.png Tangerine Dye

Skill.png Bronze Dye
Skill.png Cucumber Dye
Skill.png Dark Olive Dye
Skill.png Grape Leaf Dye
Skill.png Green Dye
Skill.png Leprechaun Dye
Skill.png Moss Dye
Skill.png Olive Ice Dye
Skill.png Olive Tint Dye
Skill.png Pastel Olive Dye
Skill.png Spring Leaf Dye
Skill.png Spring Moss Dye
Skill.png Wasabi Dye
Skill.png Wintermint Dye

Skill.png Blue Shade Dye
Skill.png Country Teal Dye
Skill.png Frost Breeze Dye
Skill.png Hydrangea Dye
Skill.png Midday Dye
Skill.png River Dye
Skill.png Sea Breeze Dye
Skill.png Summer Sky Dye

Skill.png Blurple Dye
Skill.png Grape Dye
Skill.png Grapecicle Dye
Skill.png Lavender Dye
Skill.png Morning Glory Dye
Skill.png Pastel Wine Dye
Skill.png Periwinkle Dye
Skill.png Summer Thistle Dye
Skill.png Veronica Dye
Skill.png Wine Ice Dye


Skill.png Gunmetal Dye


Skill.png Flush Dye
Skill.png Lifesblood Dye
Skill.png Midnight Rose Dye
Skill.png Heirloom Dye

Skill.png Harvest Gold Dye
Skill.png Honey Dye

Skill.png Grapefruit Dye
Skill.png Honey Ice Dye
Skill.png Peach Dye

Skill.png Avocado Dye
Skill.png Grass Dye
20x20px Midnight Green Dye

Skill.png Afternoon Dye
Skill.png Hush Dye
Skill.png Sea Frost Dye

Skill.png Evening Dye
Skill.png Lilac Dye
Skill.png Royal Purple Dye
Skill.png Violet Breeze Dye
Skill.png Wine Breeze Dye
Skill.png Mischief Dye


Skill.png Frost Dye
Skill.png Silver Dye
Skill.png Tarnished Silver Dye
Skill.png White Dye
Skill.png Abyss Dye
Skill.png Ash Dye

Skill.png Midnight Gold Dye
Skill.png Antique Bronze Dye

Skill.png Blood Dye
Skill.png Cotton Candy Dye
Skill.png Maroon Dye
Skill.png Midnight Red Dye
Skill.png Primrose Dye
Skill.png Hot Pink Dye


Skill.png Amber Dye
Skill.png Redemption Dye

Skill.png Crisp Mint Dye
Skill.png Emerald Dye
Skill.png Lemonade Dye
Skill.png Spearmint Dye
Skill.png Ceylon Dye

Skill.png Cobalt Dye
Skill.png Midnight Ice Dye
Skill.png Sapphire Dye
Skill.png Sky Dye
Skill.png Starry Night Dye
Skill.png Night Shade Dye
Skill.png Royal Blue

Skill.png Indigo Dye
Skill.png Maroon Dye
Skill.png Wine Dye
Skill.png Deep Lilac
Skill.png Shy Iris


«Y» — не булево значение (да/нет).
Gift of Color
Output qty.


  • Unidentified dyes from the deprecated dye seeds were soulbound. The dyes dropped from normal unidentified dyes are account bound.
  • The color of a dye is chosen upon use and not upon pickup.