Urban Battlegrounds Fractal

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Urban Battlegrounds Fractal

Fractals of the Mists

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The Urban Battlegrounds Fractal is one of the Fractals of the Mists. It is representing an alternate version of the Searing.[1]


  • Event boss (tango icon).png
    Take the Asclonian city
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
  • Breach the city gates
    • Gate
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Capture the courtyard.
    • Capture Progress
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
      Event flag green.png
  • Defend the Fire Caller as he performs the ritual.
    • Ritual progress
    • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Kill the Ascalonian Captain
    • Captain Ashym
    • Event bar.jpg
      Event boss (tango icon).png


In this fractal, your entire team will relive the fall of an Ascalonian city by being transformed into Flame Legion charr, with several veteran Flame Legion charr as allies, fighting an army of veteran Ascalonians. Your party will have to fight through the waves of Ascalonians to reach the end of the fractal.

The Gate and Dulfy[править]

First head into the battlefield, and go north to the marker. Getting to this point is difficult as every Ascalonian is of Veteran status while your allies are normal. There is a group of Veteran Flame Legion to the middle south section, but they do not appear to move. The party must move to the gate and take it down so you may progress. A champion, Siegemaster Dulfy, will be standing in front of the gate you need to destroy, along with two ballistae, two arrow carts, and 3 Pots of Burning Oil raining fire just over the gate. Dulfy is capable of using all of these at once and can repair (or rebuild) them if they are damaged, except for the burning oil. The best method to pass this fight is simply to ignore the siege equipment and destroy the oil first. After this, Dulfy should fall much more easily. Arrow carts and ballistas do minimal damage, but the latter can be annoying with their knockdown. The burning oil is easily avoided simply by not being too close to the wall, but beware that the oil actually has more range than the animation suggests. It is advised to remain spread out while destroying these siege weapons as arrow carts have a wide range and rapid deployment. Be careful of additional Ascalonians that decide to join the fight. Demolish the gate after Dulfy has fallen.

One strategy in this area is to wait for the initial allies to attack and clear some of the initial mobs until they die. They will respawn in the initial tent. After this move immediately to the right hand side and avoid most of the mobs. Clear any in the immediate vicinity and move along to Dulfy. Clearing the oil with ranged attacks should be the first priority. After this AOE capable characters should attack Dulfy and the surrounding ballistas and arrow carts, melee characters should attack Dulfy directly. Warriors equipped with greatswords can use Hundred Blades and attack Dulfy and do devastating damage to the arrow carts if positioned right.

The Courtyard[править]

Once the gate is destroyed, head left and circle around the city counter-clockwise until you reach the courtyard. You will come across a few pockets of resistance comprised of various Ascalonians, with the occasional ballista, along the way. Push through them and enter the courtyard. The middle is littered with ballistae and arrow carts. Draw the crowd of Ascalonians away from the siege weapons before demolishing the weaponry. AoEs can be used but placement must be done carefully, lest one draws the entire crowd. After this is complete, a Flame Shaman will join your party to summon a ball of fire. You will need to defend the shaman from waves of Ascalonians until the summoning is complete. The waves either come from west, north, or east of the shaman, so plan accordingly. The waves are comprised of various Ascalonian types. Once the summoning is complete, the molten rock will barrel towards the large church, crashing the gates down and unleashing Captain Ashym, who will rush to the center of the courtyard.

Captain Ashym[править]

Ashym has an unstrippable protection boon and he will gain an unstrippable retaliation boon and summon minions that grant him large stacks of might. Ashym hits hard, but most of his skills are damage-over-time AOEs like Meteor Shower, so it will make it much easier to just spread the party out and attack him at range. However, it is recommended that the party stack on top of him when the fight first starts so that the NPCs will group on him and attack him. This will enable the party to hit him with a good chunk of damage until he kills the NPCs (usually with agony, which one-shots them all instantly). When he summons a minion, they will be a Veteran Ascalonian Squire that carries a banner with him. Don't let his small size fool you as he can deal a large chunk of damage with a single simple strike. You can either slay the squire each and every time he appears or ignore him and simply time your dodges to avoid Ashym and his minions. At quarter marks of his life, or 75%/50%/25%, he may switch to a staff and cast powerful fire spells or remain with his fiery greatsword. It is advised to stay relatively spread our during this fight to avoid Ashym's wide arc of swing or the plethora of spells he throws at your party. Once Ashym falls, the fractal is complete.

  • Attempt to keep your own protection and retaliation up any chance you get.
  • Apply regeneration to mainly your tankers to help mitigate burning damage.
  • While Ashym is Legendary, and therefore immune to conventional crowd control, his minion is not.
  • If you must, have one person dedicated to keeping the minion down every time it spawns.
  • At levels 10 and above, Ashym will send out two pulses of fire that inflicts burning and Agony. This can easily be avoided by out-ranging him.


  • Use Reflect skills to counter the attacks from the archers and the ballistas.
  • Blind can be very useful at high levels to negate the damage from the Ascalonian Warriors.
  • Stability can be very useful at the Gate with Dulfy and at the Courtyard as the repetitive attacks from the Ballistas will knock down players who get hit.
  • Multiple stacks of Might can be stolen from the Veteran Ascalonian Monks.
  • The Captain begins the fight by blocking all attacks for a few seconds, so do not unload your burst damage too soon.






  • Killing all chickens in the area will grant your party the Out of Cluck achievement.
  • Siegemaster Dulfy is named after the video game blogger dulfy ([1]) for her contributions towards the Guild Wars 2 community

There are always 3 ways open in the map. Not necessarily all go trough, but 3 are open at all times. (Sometimes inner gates, sometimes outer gates).

The Ascalonian location of the fractal in gw2 almost matched the gw1 location known as the breach indicating where this battle may have taken place.