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Verdant Brink

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Verdant Brink

Explorable zone
«Explorable zone» не входит в список (Continent, Region, Zone, City, Lobby, Activity, Guild hall, Area, Point of Interest, Dungeon, ...) допустимых значений для свойства «Has location type».
Heart of Maguuma

Verdant Brink is an upcoming zone in the Heart of Thorns expansion pack, the first map players will enter in the expansion. Its overarching theme is the survival of the members of the crashed Pact fleet against Mordrem.


Область Эффективный
Завершение карты
Abyssal Path 80
Creeping Crevasse 80
Point of interest.png
Nomad's Oasis
Dry Step Mesas 80
Point of interest.png
Pact Ship: Lethal Vantage
Shipwreck Peak Waypoint
Heartless Pass 80
Itzel Hunting Grounds 80
Point of interest.png
Batrach Falls
Jaka Itzel 80
Jaka Itzel Waypoint
Point of interest.png
Dwelling of the Kaanas
Point of interest.png
Temple of Ameyalli
Shrouded Ruins 80
Shrouded Ruins Waypoint
Stonetwist Paths 80
Point of interest.png
Liar's Arch
The Doomteeth 80
Thistlevine Bluffs 80
Wyvern Cliffs 80
Point of interest.png
Brooding Gulch
Point of interest.png
Fumerol Caves