Village of Smokestead

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Village of Smokestead

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The Village of Smokestead is a small charr settlement that borders the Black Citadel, used for the citadel's defense against threats in the Plains of Ashford, such as Flame Legion and Ascalonian ghosts.

Locations and objectives[править]

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Smokestead Waypoint
Points of Interest
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Three Legions Court

Ambient Dialogue[править]

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Conversation between three soldiers around a fire.
Iron Legion Soldier: Is it done yet, boss?
Blood Legion Soldier: No. Stop asking, or you're next on the spit.
Ash Legion Soldier: I'm gonna be old, and my teeth are gonna fall off before this boar is done.
Blood Legion Soldier: More for me.
Iron Legion Soldier: I don't know. I say it needs some more sauce.
Ash Legion Soldier: Take it off the fire. It's done. I'm starving.
Blood Legion Soldier: It ain't done. Shut up. I'll tell you when it's done.




Map Trading Post Icon.png
Ardere Ironbound
Charr Bartender
Desiderius the Silent
Scout (map icon).png
Fursta Farhunter
Kaladrian the Greedy (3)
Map Trading Post Icon.png
Laetitia Hurtstorm
Elementalist trainer.png
Bona Windcaller
Engineer trainer.png
Condortus Greaseclaw
Guardian trainer.png
Dolabra the Invulnerable
Mesmer trainer.png
Illucidous the Tricky
Ranger trainer.png
Nilate Draketamer
Necromancer trainer.png
Rancia Plagueflower
Warrior trainer.png
Sergius the Demolisher
Thief trainer.png
Tenebrae Stealthkill


Ambient creature


Environmental weapons