Контент 4-го сезона Живого Мира

Volatile Magic

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Unstable magic lingering from the fall of a god and two Elder Dragons. Spent at vendors to purchase unlocks and rewards.

— Внутриигровое описание

Volatile Magic icon Volatile Magic is a currency stored in the Wallet, introduced for Living World Season 4.


To gather Volatile Magic scattered throughout the Living World Season 4 map(s), it is required to unlock the Mastery: Volatile Magic Resonance.

Contained in[править]

Этот предмет не содержит ни один контейнер.

Dropped by[править]

Dropped randomly from any foe in Domain of Istan.

Gathered from[править]

This item is not gathered from any resource node.

Obtained by consuming[править]

Salvaged from[править]

This item is not salvaged from any salvage items.



No vendors found based on constraints.

Related achievements[править]


  • Was initially called soul shards before release.