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World Experience (WXP) is a WvW, character-specific progression track, similar to experience. Each character gains points by completing relevant WvW activities, including killing foes, capturing strategic locations from other servers, and defending those same locations. Increasing the point total allows your character to gain World Experience Ranks, each of which grants World Ability Points and various tangible rewards.


Файл:WXP rank up.jpg
Standard reward at rank 5

Each new WXP rank rewards the following:

  1. One World Ability Point, which can be spent on various WXP upgrade progression tracks such as: passive bonuses, siege weapon skills, and on-kill effects. There is no limit to amount of points that can be earned.
  2. A reward chest with WvW rewards. The chest contains coins and Badges of Honor. In addition, there is a small chance of a bonus item, including:
Retroactive rewards

Those who gained any world ranks prior to the introduction of the reward chest will retroactively receive rewards at a rate of one retroactive chest for each new rank. For example, a player who gained rank 3 originally would receive two chests at ranks 4, 5, and 6. At that point, they would earn one chest per new rank.

Мировые ранги[править]

Your world rank increases as you gain WXP through your accomplishments in WvW. The rank is displayed to enemies, i.e., if you are rank 1 enemies will see "[Server name] Invader", if you are rank 5 enemies will see "[Server name] Assaulter", etc.

Example: "Kodash [DE] Squire", "Vabbi Bronze Raider", "Sanctum of Rall Silver Major", etc.

Rank Name
1 Invader
5 Assaulter
10 Raider
15 Recruit
20 Scout
30 Soldier
40 Squire
50 Footman
60 Knight
70 Major
80 Colonel
90 General
100 Veteran
110 Champion
120 Legend
Rank Name
150 Bronze Invader
180 Bronze Assaulter
210 Bronze Raider
240 Bronze Recruit
270 Bronze Scout
300 Bronze Soldier
330 Bronze Squire
360 Bronze Footman
390 Bronze Knight
420 Bronze Major
450 Bronze Colonel
480 Bronze General
510 Bronze Veteran
540 Bronze Champion
570 Bronze Legend
Rank Name
620 Silver Invader
670 Silver Assaulter
720 Silver Raider
770 Silver Recruit
820 Silver Scout
870 Silver Soldier
920 Silver Squire
970 Silver Footman
1,020 Silver Knight
1,070 Silver Major
1,120 Silver Colonel
1,170 Silver General
1,220 Silver Veteran
1,270 Silver Champion
1,320 Silver Legend
Rank Name
1,395 Gold Invader
1,470 Gold Assaulter
1,545 Gold Raider
1,620 Gold Recruit
1,695 Gold Scout
1,770 Gold Soldier
1,845 Gold Squire
1,920 Gold Footman
1,995 Gold Knight
2,070 Gold Major
2,145 Gold Colonel
2,220 Gold General
2,295 Gold Veteran
2,370 Gold Champion
2,445 Gold Legend
Rank Name
2,545 Platinum Invader
2,645 Platinum Assaulter
2,745 Platinum Raider
2,845 Platinum Recruit
2,945 Platinum Scout
3,045 Platinum Soldier
3,145 Platinum Squire
3,245 Platinum Footman
3,345 Platinum Knight
3,445 Platinum Major
3,545 Platinum Colonel
3,645 Platinum General
3,745 Platinum Veteran
3,845 Platinum Champion
3,945 Platinum Legend
Rank Name
4,095 Mithril Invader
4,245 Mithril Assaulter
4,395 Mithril Raider
4,545 Mithril Recruit
4,695 Mithril Scout
4,845 Mithril Soldier
4,995 Mithril Squire
5,145 Mithril Footman
5,295 Mithril Knight
5,445 Mithril Major
5,595 Mithril Colonel
5,745 Mithril General
5,895 Mithril Veteran
6,045 Mithril Champion
6,195 Mithril Legend
Rank Name
6,445 Diamond Invader
6,695 Diamond Assaulter
6,945 Diamond Raider
7,195 Diamond Recruit
7,445 Diamond Scout
7,695 Diamond Soldier
7,945 Diamond Squire
8,195 Diamond Footman
8,445 Diamond Knight
8,695 Diamond Major
8,945 Diamond Colonel
9,195 Diamond General
9,445 Diamond Veteran
9,695 Diamond Champion
9,945 Diamond Legend

Rank WXP required for next rank
1 1000
2 1000
3 1000
4 2000
5+ 5000

WXP Acquisition[править]

Players will grant more WXP the longer they have been alive. Getting different ranks (bronze/silver/gold) for event completion scales the WXP awarded. While Outnumbered you gain a 25% bonus to world experience.

Objective WXP reward
Player kill 0-75
Guard kill 20
Supervisor or Lord kill 40...50...75...100
Dolyak kill 50
Arrow Cart, Flame Ram, Ballista, or Catapult destruction 15
Trebuchet or Siege Golem destruction 30
Tower or Keep gate destruction 50...80
Tower or Keep wall destruction 120...150...180
Sentry point capture 100
Supply camp capture 200
Tower capture 400
Keep capture 800
Stonemist capture 1000
Sentry point defense 0
Supply camp defense 85
Tower defense 150
Keep defense 200
Stonemist defense 200
Wall/Gate repair 2 for each 1 supply
Acquiring mercenaries 200
Eliminating an enemy mercenary camp 200
Most other events 200
Eliminate the overgrown grub event 600
Silence the raging arboreal spirit event 600

WXP consumables[править]

World experience consumables can be obtained as rewards for increasing World Experience Ranks.

Item Amount
Skill.png Drop of Liquid World Experience 250
Skill.png Thimble of Liquid World Experience 2,500
Taste of Liquid World Experience.png Taste of Liquid World Experience 5,000
Skill.png Swig of Liquid World Experience
Skill.png Jug of Liquid World Experience
Skill.png Keg of Liquid World Experience 25,000

As of the October 1st Twilight Assault Patch, World experience consumables are not affected by World Experience Modifiers.

WXP modifiers[править]

There are several ways to increase the amount of world experience earned.

Effect Source Bonus experience
WvW Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png 50% WvW Experience Bonus WXP Booster
WXP Mini-Booster
Skill.png Birthday Bonus Birthday Booster 100%
Miscellaneous effect.png Outnumbered World versus World effect 25%
Total +175%

Only active when greatly outnumbered in the Eternal Battlegrounds or Borderlands maps.

Улучшения за WXP[править]

Players can spend their World Ability Points on the following tracks.

Upgrade Rank Ability Cost
Guard Killer
Total Cost: 115 20px

Increases damage to guards
1 1% damage to guards 20px
2 2% (total) damage to guards 20px
3 3% (total) damage to guards 20px
4 4% (total) damage to guards 20px
5 5% (total) damage to guards 20px
6 All guard killer bonuses now also affect enemy lord and supervisors 10 20px
7 7% (total) damage to guards, lords and supervisors 15 20px
8 Gain 50% of your endurance back after killing guards, lords and supervisors 20 20px
9 10% (total) damage to guards, lords and supervisors 25 20px
10 Add 1 stack of Guard Leech on killing a guard, lord or supervisor
Guard Leech: Increases power and condition damage by 20 (max stack of 5, stacks are lost on death)
30 20px
Defense Against Guards
Total Cost: 115 20px

Reduces the damage you take from enemy guards
1 1% reduced damage from guards 20px
2 2% reduced damage (total) from guards 20px
3 3% reduced damage (total) from guards 20px
4 4% reduced damage (total) from guards 20px
5 5% reduced damage (total) from guards 20px
6 All Defense against Guard abilities count against lords and supervisors 10 20px
7 7% reduced damage (total) against guards, lords, and supervisors 15 20px
8 Gain Retaliation for 10 seconds when you negate damage from guards, lords, or supervisors This effect can trigger only once every 20 seconds. 20 20px
9 10% reduced damage (total) against guards, lords, and supervisors 25 20px
10 Gain 1 stack of Applied Fortitude when killing a guard, lord, or supervisor
Applied Fortitude: Each stack grants 50 vitality (max of 5 stacks, stacks are lost on death)
30 20px
Mercenary's Bane
Total Cost: 15 20px

Increases damage to and reduces the damage from mercenaries
1 1% increase to damage and defense against mercenaries 20px
2 2% (total) increase to damage and defense against mercenaries 20px
3 3% (total) increase to damage and defense against mercenaries 20px
4 4% (total) increase to damage and defense against mercenaries 20px
5 5% (total) increase to damage and defense against mercenaries 20px
Siege Bunker
Total Cost: 30 20px

Reduces the siege damage you take
1 1% increased siege defense 20px
2 2% (total) increased siege defense 20px
3 3% (total) increased siege defense 20px
4 4% (total) increased siege defense 20px
5 5% (total) increased siege defense 10 20px
Siege Might
Total Cost: 75 20px

Increases damage done with siege-engine attacks
1 1% increased siege damage 20px
2 2% (total) increased siege damage 10 20px
3 3% (total) increased siege damage 15 20px
4 4% (total) increased siege damage 20 20px
5 5% (total) increased siege damage 25 20px
Supply Capacity
Total Cost: 300 20px

Increases the amount of supply you can carry
1 Increases supply capacity by 1 20 20px
2 Increases supply capacity by 2 (total) 40 20px
3 Increases supply capacity by 3 (total) 60 20px
4 Increases supply capacity by 4 (total) 80 20px
5 Increases supply capacity by 5 (total) 100 20px
Cannon Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improve cannon use
1 Basic fire removes boons 20px
2 Increases cannon damage by 27% 10 20px
3 Grapeshot does more bleed damage 15 20px
4 Increases all blast radii 20 20px
5 Increases chill duration 25 20px
Ballista Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improve ballista skills
1 Skill: Spread Shot — Fires projectiles in a cone pattern 20px
2 Increases ballista damage by 25% 10 20px
3 Fires faster bolts 15 20px
4 Increases ballista range 20 20px
5 Increases Shatter Shot radius 25 20px
Arrow Cart Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improve arrow cart skills
1 Increases range on all arrow cart skills 20px
2 Increases damage on all arrow cart skills 10 20px
3 Increases effectiveness of applied conditions 15 20px
4 Increases radius on all arrow cart skills 20 20px
5 Skill: Toxic Unveiling Shot — Removes stealth and applies poison to targets 25 20px
Burning Oil Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improves all Burning Oil skills and unlocks new abilities
1 Increases Burning Oil radius by 25% 20px
2 Increases Burning Oil damage by 15% 10 20px
3 While using the oil, reduces the damage received by the oil pot and the player 15 20px
4 Basic Burning Oil attacks burn one supply from target 20 20px
5 Burning Shell: Creates a fiery dome that reflects projectiles 25 20px
Mortar Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improve mortar skills
1 Increase blast radius on all mortar skills 20px
2 Increases mortar burn field duration 10 20px
3 Reduce the recharge of all mortar skills 15 20px
4 Increase damage on all mortar skills by 25% 20 20px
5 New Skill: Concussion Barrage — Launch a barrage of rounds that push back foes where they land 25 20px
Build Mastery
Total Cost: 30 20px

Improves you building capabilities
1 Spend 4 supply at a time when building siege 20px
2 Spend 6 supply at a time when building siege 20px
3 Spend 8 supply at a time when building siege 10 20px
4 Spend 10 supply at a time when building siege 15 20px
Repair Mastery
Total Cost: 20 20px

Improves you repairing capabilities
1 Spend 4 supply at a time when repairing 20px
2 Spend 6 supply at a time when repairing 20px
3 Spend 8 supply at a time when repairing 20px
4 Spend 10 supply at a time when repairing 10 20px
Catapult Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improves catapult skills
1 Increases damage done to walls by 20% 20px
2 Gravel Shot now applies bleeding 10 20px
3 Increases radius of all catapult skills 15 20px
4 Increases catapult damage by 25% 20 20px
5 Skill: Siege Bubble — Creates a dome that destroys projectiles on impact 25 20px
Supply Mastery
Total Cost: 15 20px

Improve your ability in gathering, spending, and running supply
1 Pick up supply faster 20px
2 Gain swiftness after spending all of your supply 20px
3 Gain improved swiftness when picking up supply 20px
4 Have a chance to recover spent supply when spending supply 20px
5 Deployed siege sites are invulnerable for a short duration 20px
Trebuchet Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improve trebuchet skills
1 Increases the damage on trebuchet skills 20px
2 Cow ammo now drains supply from enemy players 10 20px
3 Increases the radius of trebuchet skills 15 20px
4 Skill: Healing Oasis. Creates a water field that heals allies 20 20px
5 Basic shots that hit enemy supply depots will destroy some of the objective's supply 25 20px
Flame Ram Mastery
Total Cost: 75 20px

Improve flame ram skills
1 Gain Iron Hide while interacting with the flame ram 20px
2 Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability to gates 10 20px
3 Reduce recharge of flame ram skills 15 20px
4 Skill: Slam Impact — Launch enemies on the other side of the door 20 20px
5 Skill: Iron Will — Support skill that applies Iron Hide to nearby allies 25 20px


  • It takes 1,315 World Ability Points to unlock all upgrades.