War Supplies

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War Supplies

Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Materials to aid in the ongoing conflict in the Drizzlewood Coast. Can be traded for war equipment and items or used to upgrade bases.

— Внутриигровое описание


Contained in[править]

Этот предмет не содержит ни один контейнер.

Gathered from[править]

This item is not gathered from any resource node.

Currency for[править]

  • Can be spent to teleport to any ally-controlled area of Drizzlewood Coast.
    • Costs 1 to teleport to Umbral Grotto and 5 to teleport to other areas.
  • Can be spent to upgrade captured areas in Drizzlewood Coast.
  • Can be spent to purchase special action skills from United Legions Waystations.
Item Vendor Location Cost
Skill.png Portable United Legions Waystation United Legions Waystation Drizzlewood Coast
25 Skill.png