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What Lies Beneath

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What lurks below the depths of the Jade Sea? For a misguided team of Jade Brotherhood miners, the answer may be far more sinister than anticipated. It's up to you to explore the map, investigate the mysterious circumstances, and discover the truth of what lies beneath.

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What Lies Beneath is a release that was launched on February 28, 2023 as the 16th chapter of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. The release is free for everyone and accessible with the expansion.


End of Dragons story[править]

Chapter 16 — What Lies Beneath[править]

New Achievements[править]

  • Arenanet Points.png Delve into the Haze
  • Arenanet Points.png Black Lion Requisition Missions
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  • No result for achievement "New Friends, New Adventures". It may not have been added to the wiki yet.

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