Where Life Goes

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Where Life Goes

1325 AE
Falias Thorpe
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png sylvari


— In-game description


Meet Caithe at Dreamer's Terrace.

  • Speak with Caithe.

Defend Falias Thorpe against the Nightmare Court.

  • Travel to Falias Thorpe.
  • Rescue the strange sylvari from the Nightmare Court.
  • Speak with the sylvari you rescued.
  • Defeat the attacking Nightmare Court.
  • Extinguish the fires.
  • Revive the fallen wardens.
  • Speak to Malyck


  • 2 003 
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After you enter the mission and head for the marker, you will see Malyck being attacked by a few Nightmare Courtiers. Fight them. After the fight Malyck tells you how much he likes the wardens. Then head for the village, note that the houses are burning and there are dead wardens. Also there are Nightmare Courtiers in town. Kill them. Then revive the wardens. Near one of the houses is a pumpkin looking thing called a water bucket. Get it, and put out the fires by running into a fire and pouring water. Once the fires are out, you will get attacked by multiple waves of Nightmare Courtiers. It's a pretty tough battle, so prepare well and good luck.





My story[править]

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I met Caithe at Dreamer's Terrace, and she introduced me to Firstborn Trahearne. News arrived that the Nightmare Court are attacking several outposts, seeking something they call "the harbinger." I volunteered to aid the outpost of Falias Thorp. I only hope I'm not too late
At Falias Thorp I met a mysterious sylvari, named Malyck. Together, we were able to rally the fallen wardens and drive off the Nightmare Court. Many of the wardens were kidnapped, including their leader, Captain Banya. It's very strange...Malyck doesn't seem to have any memory of the Grove, or the Dream. I wanted to take him to the Pale Tree, but he was insistent about saving his kidnapped friends. Now, it's off to Joy's End to save the wardens and make the Nightmare Court pay for this attack.

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