Winter's weapon skins

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Winter's weapon skins are a set of weapon skins.


Weapon skins[править]

Hand Weapon
Main Hand
Skill.png Winter's Cutter Axe Skin
Skill.png Winter's Needle Dagger Skin
Skill.png Winter's Sting Pistol Skin
Skill.png Winter's Slice Sword Skin
Off hand Skill.png Winter's Shelter Shield Skin
Terrestrial Skill.png Winter's Edge Greatsword Skin
Skill.png Winter's Brunt Hammer Skin
Skill.png Winter's Reach Longbow Skin
Skill.png Winter's Arc Short Bow Skin
Skill.png Winter's Timber Staff Skin



  • Winter's weapons have a wintery snowflake glow as well as a pulsing white branch design.
  • Unlocking all 10 Winter's weapon skins awards the Wintersday Weapon Collection achievement.
  • This weapon set was added in the Wintersday 2012 release.
  • When first introduced, these weapons could be bought in the Gem Store for 500 Gem.png each.