Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a jumping puzzle available during the Wintersday 2012. Jump across a precarious path of melting snowflakes, hop over exploding presents, and flee past massive rolling snowballs. Deliver your present to the children gathered at the end of the puzzle to receive your reward.

Getting There[править]

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Prepare Yourself...for a jumping Time!

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while you wait, there are Piles of Snowballs on the ground for players to have snowball fights. You can use the Portal back to Lion's Arch to the leave the area.



At the end of the puzzle, a Magnificent Chest awaits. It resets each time the puzzle is completed.

  • The chest always contains 3 Wintersday Gifts, their size depending on character level.
  • Once per day per account, the chest yields additional drops:
    • a random booster or Wintersday tonic
    • 4-6 Snowflakes (tier depends on character level)
    • a consumable giving Karma (type depends on character level)
  • See the talk page for drop research.





  • Upon completion, if you turn around as you enter and jump behind the box you came out of there will be a series of steps you can jump up which will take you to a big red star. There doesn't seem to be any purpose to this mini puzzle.