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A festive tradition returns to Tyria: Wintersday is here!

— Official website

A Very Merry Wintersday 2017 is a release launched on December 12, 2017 that brings the celebration of Wintersday back to Tyria with many festivities. Currently held in the Crown Pavilion area of Divinity's Reach, it was originally launched on December 10, 2013 has since been updated and re-released in the following years. The most recent release started on December 12, 2017 and ran until January 2, 2018.

Вернувшиеся особенности[править]

Map of the Orphans

Donation Drive[править]

Several orphans are located around Divinity's Reach, hoping a generous player will pass out some Wintersday gifts. Players can gift their extra Ugly Wool Sweaters, Ugly Wool Socks, Ugly Wool Hats, or cheap Wintersday weapon skins to make gifts to hand out. Players will need to purchase a Roll of Wrapping Paper from the Charity Corps Seraph, and then use the wrapping paper and the gift item to purchase a Wrapped Gift.

There are 30 orphans spread across the city. Each orphan will accept one gift per day and reward the player with karma.

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The following mail is sent to all players upon first login:


Toymaker Tixx

Wintersday Has Returned!

Dear Wintersday revelers,

My airship and I have returned to Divinity's Reach for another year of Wintersday merriment. Prepare yourself, for plethora of holiday happenings await you!

Speak with the Bell Maestro to make happy harmonics in the Bell Choir, or to the Festive Youth to jump into my Winter Wonderland.

You may also converse with the Festive Lionguard near the Divinity's Reach snow globe for some Snowball Mayhem. And for those who desire a challenge, journey through the candy-swirl portal next to me for a test of skill inside my Infinirarium airship.

I've also heard that the local orphanage has suffered the immodest tragedy of having its Wintersday ornaments stolen! The orphans could surely use your help retrieving them.

And then there's the matter of the malfunctioning toys in my workshop. Left unchecked, they could ruin Wintersday! You can enter my ship and reduce the toys to scraps in Toypocalypse by speaking to the Toy Captain near me.

As always, happy holidays,

—Toymaker Tixx


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Track Title Length Composer Download
1 The Great Toymaker 2:34 Lena Chappelle SoundCloud
2 The Tale of Tixx and Toxx 2:03 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud
3 Wintersday In Lion's Arch 2:51 Stan LePard SoundCloud
4 Wintersday Bell Choir Medley 1:57 Maclaine Diemer and Lena Chappelle SoundCloud
5 Wintersday Divinity's Reach One Man Band 2:39 Stan LePard SoundCloud
6 Wintersday Toypocalypse Medley 0:52 Maclaine Diemer SoundCloud
7 Wintersday in Tyria 1:35 Jeremy Soule SoundCloud

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