World versus World NPCs

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There are certain type of NPCs that you meet on World versus World maps. Most common except from the local wildlife are the veteran structure guards, but there are a few others which serve special purposes.

Structure NPCs[править]

Every structure has one NPC with the guild claiming tag. The rank and the name of the NPC varies with the structure.

Killing this NPC creates a capture point which allows you to capture the structure.

Whenever an objective is captured, any guild may claim it by speaking to this NPC. A guild cannot claim an objective as long as the respective Guild Claiming NPC is under the effects of Righteous Indignation, which last five minutes after a successful capture.

Guild Claiming NPC Structure
Veteran Supervisor Resource camps
Champion Tower Lord Towers
Champion Keep Lord Keeps
Legendary Castle Lord Stonemist Castle

Every structure also has at least one quartermaster where you can order structure upgrades. Ordering an upgrade will set the Worker in motion and triggers certain events.


Event Sentry.png
Senties are defending minor capture point on the map.

Spawning Point NPCs[править]

Every team has one spawning point on every WvW map, which is protected by Legendary Defender.

On every spawning point you can find a variety of services.

A pvp instructor which works like a scout
Various merchants
Weaponsmiths and armorsmiths
Trading Post
Guild Services


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