World vs. World Sneak Attack

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From December 16 through January 13, with every player kill in WvW, you’ll gain a point toward your world score. Use a finisher while your world has Borderlands Bloodlust to earn your world another point toward victory. To be extra sneaky, objectives under attack will not display white swords for the duration of this event.

— Official description

World vs. World Sneak Attack was a special WvW event that temporarily changed some of its mechanics. It began on the 16th of December and ended on the 13th of January.


The event temporarily removed white swords that normally appear on objectives, such as towers or keeps in WvW, to encourage players to be more sneaky, as well as encourage players to defend valuable structures.

Every player kill in WvW awarded a point towards their home world's war score, and every kill using a finisher would earn another extra point.

A special effect was also present during the entire duration of the event called Mist War Summons:

Earn increased rewards in WvW during Sneak Attack event!
+15% WXP (WvW only)
+15% Experience from Kills (WvW only)
+50% Magic Find (WvW only)

— Effect description

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