World vs. World panel

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The World vs. World panel (default B) is a graphical user interface element which displays information about World versus World.


  • 20px Mist War: shows the three current matched worlds and their scores. Each map is listed and allows the player to join or queue to join a selected map:
  • 20px Detailed Score: shows score information for each map in WvW.
    • War Score — shown at the top of the window. Lists each worlds' current weekly total war score, captured structures, and total points earned when the score is counted next.
    • World's Bonuses — shows which Power of the Mists effects the world has earned and progressed gained for the next bonus.
  • 20px Rank and Abilities: shows the account's World Experience and Rank. Increasing World Rank grants World Ability points that can be used to unlock bonuses for WvW. Purchased upgrades are shown as light blue blocks. Unspent World Ability Points are shown next to this tab and in the top right corner.



  • Queues are shown as a red icon with the number of players currently waiting in the queue to each map. If there is no queue, "Ready" is displayed instead.
  • Players currently in a WvW map have the option to leave the map with the button in the bottom right corner and will return them to the map they were in before entering WvW.
  • If the player is currently in a WvW map, an icon will appear next to the map's tab to indicate which map the player is in.