Wreckage of the Breachmaker

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Wreckage of the Breachmaker

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Sanctum Harbor
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Wreckage of the Breachmaker is the debris leftover from the explosion of Scarlet Briar's magically-powered airship drill. Although it is concentrated near where it had been drilling in the middle of Sanctum Harbor, some pieces were flung as far away as Fort Marriner.


Schematics for the Breachmaker could be found in her secret lair, and during its construction it was used to control the Twisted Marionette. After one of Scarlet's energy probes identified an intersection of magical ley lines beneath the ruins of Old Lion's Arch, the drill descended on the city, where it began burrowing deep into the earth under the protection of Scarlet's Alliance.

Engineers who found their way onto Scarlet's airship noted from its design that its purpose was never to tap into the power of the ley lines, but to disrupt them. Shortly after the death of Scarlet, the Breachmaker fulfilled its purpose, striking the mass ley line intersection underneath Lion's Arch and sending a surge of power along the ley line that runs past the Thaumanova Reactor. This appears to have captured the attention of the sleeping Elder Dragon Mordremoth, as it roared when the ley lines were struck. The drill continued running for a few days until it mysteriously exploded. It is said that the surge of power, along with Scarlet causing the Breachmaker's Core to become unstable during Scarlet's End, was the reason it exploded.


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