WvW Tournament Claim Ticket

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WvW Tournament Claim Ticket

Take this ticket to a WvW weapons specialist.

— Внутриигровое описание

WvW Tournament Claim Tickets are rewards to the players that completed the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 meta-achievement release. They can be used in exchange for weapon skins at the Battle Historian starting June 17, 2014.



The following mail was sent to all players that completed the meta-achievement on June 17th, as an apology for reward delay:


ArenaNet Staff

WvW Tournament Rewards

Speak with a Battle Historian in any World versus World map to claim your replacement tournament rewards chest. We've voided any previously awarded tournament tickets and are reissuing new tickets in the replacement chest. Enjoy these additional tickets with our compliments.

100 20x20px WvW Tournament Claim Tickets